CloudocKit – Now featuring Billing Information.

CloudocKit automatically creates Azure documentation that includes information regarding the costs related to your Azure Subscription.

In the document Executive Summary, you can now find the following diagram :

It will help you to quickly see the type of workload that cost you the most.

You can then drill into more details if you go in the Billing section where you will see the cost of each category split into sub-categories :

In addition to this information, Cloudockit also gives you insight on which workload are the most expensive workloads in your subscription :

As Azure has a lot of different types of Offers, when you generate the document, you can go into the Billing section and provides details like the current Offer you have (Pay As You Go, MSDN…) and also the currency that you want to use for the display :

In our next release, we will add Billing information in each section of the document to provide deeper insight.