Cloudockit now supports document generation without Administrator privileges

Today, we are releasing a new version of Cloudockit that allows you to generate documents without having the two following privileges that were previously required:

  • Global Administrator on the Azure Active Directory used for the authentication
  • Co-Administrator on the Azure subscription

With this new release, you can now generate a documentation even if you are not Azure Active Directory Global Administrator. In order to do that, when you go in the home page of the generation portal, you see that there is a checkbox that is unchecked by default:

If you leave that checkbox unchecked, it means that we are not trying to retrieve information from the Azure Active Directory so we don’t need to ask any administrator permissions in the Active Directory. Indeed, you only get asked for the following permissions:

Also, you can use Cloudockit even if you are not Co-Administrator. Indeed, if you have resources (under ARM deployment model) secured for a specific user (like a Virtual Machine), you will be able to generate documentation for these specific resources.