Cloudockit 365

Regain control of your Cloud and on-premises environments with Cloudockit 365. Automatically identify which resources are missing critical documentation and efficiently ensure all of your Cloud components are well documented directly within SharePoint Online.

By using the power of Cloudockit, Cloudockit 365 will automatically scan your Cloud and on-premises infrastructures to give you a full overview of your applications. With the easy-to-use platform, you and your team will be able to instantly view where you are missing critical documentation. You will also have the freedom to modify each resource’s information, add documentation, link the resources to each other, keep track of your costs, and finally, add tags without affecting your Cloud’s infrastructure.

Unlike other application management software, approximately 80% of your valuable information will be automatically detected by Cloudockit.

Manage all of Your IT Documentation in a Structured Way

Cloudockit 365’s easy-to-use dashboard enables you to quickly view how many applications are missing critical information. You can then solve the issues efficiently in an organized way.

Customize Your Dashboard

Cloudockit 365 lets you customize your dashboard to enable you to keep track of what is important to you and your organization. The software lets you display or hide any information you want.

Easily See Where Your Data Centers Are

By simply clicking on the map, you can instantly view all of the information related to your data centers. You can then filter the information by application or resource.

Filter Your Information

Choose to filter the information any way you wish. Some examples include:

    • Filter by resource type: Azure, GCP, AWS, on-premises, or not-set
    • Filter by application documentation completion: All-set, Not-completed, or Nothing-set
    • Filter resources by type: Compute, Database, IoT, Media and Gaming, Networking, Security and Management, Storage, Tools, and others

Quickly Scan all of Your IT Assets & On-premises Environments

Cloudockit 365 will allow you to see all links between resources and applications. The software will automatically scan your Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud accounts to deliver complete documentation including detailed diagrams of your IT assets. As an added bonus, you can also document your on-premises applications and monitor activity.

View Historical Data From Day One

Cloudockit 365 lets you view and compare historical data. You will be able to compare your data from any previous period of time and see the evolution of your different resources and costs.

Leverage Your Microsoft 365 Applications

For quick integration, Cloudockit 365 runs within your SharePoint Online environment. No need for lengthy procedures and approvals to purchase new software and train staff to operate it.

Take advantage of your Microsoft 365 services already integrated with SharePoint Libraries for documentation, Planner to create tasks, Yammer for community support and user feedback, Stream for embedded videos, and much more.

TEAMS | Create a related expert collaborative team for each application

SHAREPOINT | Manage related information in a structured way, like DRP and SLA

Endless Possibilities to Benefit From Your Microsoft 365 Applications

PLANNER | Use Planner to add follow-ups on specific resources or applications

YAMMER | Use Yammer for an Ambassador Support Community of a specific application

STREAM | Create a user-to-user support or training video channel with best experiences related to all of your applications

EXCEL – POWER BI | Easily export to Excel and Power BI all of your normalized resource data for BI and Analysis

VISIO | Drill down in complex diagrams with native Visio functionalities

DYNAMICS USER VOICES | What kind of feedback do you want to collect about your application?

AZURE DEVOPS | Document what you need for your applications and the related boards, pipelines, test plans, repos, artefacts, and extensions

POWER PLATFORM | The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together, to M365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps, and build end-to-end business solutions

Add Your Important Documentation

After scanning all of your IT assets, Cloudockit 365 will enable you to view the status of your applications and enter the missing details. Easily add documentation such as a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), a Service Level Agreement (SLA), or API documentation. Additionally, add links to an already existing platform like GitHub, or other resources present in your infrastructure. Finally, edit or add important role assignments to every application and ensure technical and business owner roles are well documented.

Cloudockit 365 also lets you add information and notes related to your Cloud assets without altering or changing anything within your Cloud environment.

Add Cloud Resources

Easily add Cloud resources, applications, and Virtual Machines directly in Cloudockit 365. You can even add these Cloud components by uploading an Excel file that you created.

Keep Track of Your Costs

Cloudockit 365 will allow you to see costs at every level to ensure tight budget monitoring. Simply use filters to view cost per Cloud provider, data center, country, application, resource, time, or a combination of attributes.

Effortlessly Track Performance and Security Compliance

Cloudockit 365 lets you keep track of your performance and security compliance with its easy-to-read three-color icon system; green, yellow, or red. By clicking on the icon, instantly view the number of warnings present in your resources. These warnings will enable you to react accordingly; tag a staff member, or create a ticket directly within the application. Warnings can include:

    • Availability warning
    • Best practices warning
    • Billings warning
    • Performance warning
    • Security warning

Cloudockit for All of Your Cloud Documentation Need

Cloudockit is trusted by over 2,000 professionals worldwide. It is the preferred software to automatically generate technical documentation and architecture diagrams for Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, VMware, and Hyper-V. Cloudockit was built to scan all of the components in your Cloud and on-premises environments to enable you to easily visualize your architecture, costs, security compliance, and much more. IT professionals and Cloud architects have generated over 2,5 million successful reports to help them clearly visualize their infrastructure.

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