Cloudockit – AWS, Azure, GCP Documentation & Visio Diagram Generator – Award

Cloudockit Lauded as an Easy to Use Cloud Management Software by a Notable Platform for SaaS Reviews

One of the most respected software review platforms recently recognized Cloudockit for setting the gold standard for ease-of-use in the cloud management software space. FinancesOnline experienced firsthand Cloudockit’s flexibility in creating or editing 2D and 3D Visio diagrams for easy monitoring and comparison of cloud environments, with their experts noting that it allows users to quickly compare and spot the difference between two cloud environments.  

Impressed with the overall design of Cloudockit, FinancesOnline distinguished our platform with the 2018 Great User Experience award for best cloud management companies. This award is reserved to solutions that provide a quality user experience. The software review team also labeled Cloudockit as a Rising Star for 2018, indicating that it has proven as a reliable brand for efficient management of cloud environments based on its positive traction with clients.

The FinancesOnline review team also gave a short but insightful Cloudockit overview. Here, their experts underscored the platform’s tools for building a production environment based on a prior model, “fast and simple sharing” of partial documents,” and robust disaster recovery documentation.

We sincerely appreciate FinancesOnline’s positive feedback on our solution. More importantly, this review has shed light that the team at Cloudockit is right on track in providing our customers with the best solution for their requirements.