Cloudockit Desktop

Generate your architecture diagrams and create technical documentation locally in your own environment with Cloudockit Desktop.

One Tool to Rule Them All

How does it work?

With Cloudockit Desktop, you get the exact same features as the beloved Cloudockit website, the only difference is that Cloudockit desktop executes locally in your environment. You can install the software on any Windows environment; it can be in your workstation, a virtual machine hosted in your on-premises environment or hosted in your preferred cloud provider like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

Is Cloudockit Desktop the right software for you?

SaaS Alternative

    • If your company restricts the use of SaaS applications but you still need to monitor your cloud activity, then Cloudockit Desktop is the perfect tool for you.

Advanced Scheduling Features

    • If you want advanced scheduling features without any limitations and throttling, then you want to use Cloudockit Desktop instead of Cloudockit website.

Multiple Subscriptions

    • If you want to scan many subscriptions (Azure), accounts (AWS) or projects (GCP) at the same time, then Cloudockit Desktop is the preferred option.

Special Features

Cloudockit desktop gives you strong scheduling features. You can choose to automatically scan your environments every day or exactly when you want.

One of the strengths of Cloudockit Desktop is that it enables you to scan all your environments in a single run.

Cloudockit Desktop is an auto updated tool; you will automatically get the latest version of the software when you run the tool.

Cloudockit Desktop also supports all the extensive features that are already available on the Cloudockit website:

  • Track changes
  • Compliance rules
  • Filtering by workload, resource group, location and much more
  • The ability to drop the document exactly where you want (including on the local drive of the server where Cloudockit desktop is installed)
  • Choose the type of document you want to generate among many types like Word, PDF, Excel , Visio, Draw.io, Lucidchart, JSON …
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Cloudockit Desktop supports the following authentication scenarios:

  • For Azure, you can use an Azure Active Directory service principal
  • For AWS, you can use cross-account roles.
  • For GCP, you can use a service credential Json file

Compatible with the Leading Diagramming Applications

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Our diagrams are 100% compatible with your favorite diagramming tool.

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Cloudockit is available in three different hosting scenarios

We host everything for you.

You can install the product anywhere you want (for example on an EC2 instance in AWS , an Azure Virtual Machine or fully run it from your desktop).

You host the solution yourself in your preferred Container Hosting mechanism, whether it is AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), or GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) in your isolated secured network.

Cloudockit desktop is simple to install, you just download the .msi file, install the tool and you are good to go.

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