Cloudockit SaaS

Generate unlimited architecture diagrams and create technical documentation for AWS, Azure, GCP, Hyper-V, and VMware.

One Tool to Rule Them All

How does it work?

Cloudockit SaaS uses native Cloud Providers API (Azure, AWS & GCP) to retrieve the metadata it needs to generate your documents, find the dependencies between components and create diagrams. Behind the scenes, Cloudockit completes multiple REST API calls to analyze your environment and list all of your components.

Is Cloudockit SaaS the right software for you?

Cloudockit SaaS is the right software when you want to automatically generate complete diagrams, technical documentation, manage your changes, and ensure your environments follow the highest standards. Cloudockit SaaS was developed by following high-security standards (visit Cloudockit Security) and does not store any of your data.

Special Features

    • Track changes
    • Compliance rules – built-in and custom
    • Filtering by workload, resource group, location and much more
    • Diagrams and documentation for an unlimited amount of subscriptions, accounts, and projects
    • The ability to drop your documents exactly where you want
    • Choose the type of document you want to generate among many types like Word, PDF, Excel, Visio, Draw.io, Lucidchart, and JSON
    • Advanced cloud monitoring
    • Compatible with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hyper-V, and VMware

Go Beyond Visualization with Built-in Monitoring Features

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Certified Audit Report

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Executive Summary

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Change Tracking

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Compatible with the Leading Diagramming Applications

Save time, energy and reduce risks.
Our diagrams are 100% compatible with your favorite diagramming tool.

Just clear the path and start being creative.

Cloudockit is available in three different hosting scenarios

We host everything for you.

You can install the product anywhere you want (for example on an EC2 instance in AWS , an Azure Virtual Machine or fully run it from your desktop).

You host the solution yourself in your preferred Container Hosting mechanism, whether it is AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), or GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) in your isolated secured network.

Cloudockit SaaS is easy to use. Simply log in with the credentials of your preferred cloud provider.

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