Cloudockit's Roadmap

Welcome to Cloudockit’s Roadmap. As you will see, we did not include Workloads and Compliance Rules in our Roadmap since the team is continually adding new ones. Visit our Release Notes page for the full list of updates.

All dates in the Roadmap are tentative.


March 1

✓ Tailored Diagrams

With Tailored Diagrams, you will be able to specify how your cloud components are laid out based on the different types of links Cloudockit is able to detect.


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March 23

✓ Auto-Refreshed Diagrams

After you modify your cloud diagrams, Cloudockit will update the metadata of each shape without making any changes to your previous edits. If new components are detected during the scan, they will be automatically added to your diagrams.

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March 29

✓ HTML Reports

Cloudockit will enable you to download your technical reports in HTML.


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April 19

✓ Azure DevOps & Github supported as Drop-Off Locations

Cloudockit will be adding Azure DevOps and Github as drop-off locations.


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May 3

✓ Cloudockit Container WebUI

The web interface for Cloudockit Container will give organizations the ability to provide an interface for users to connect to and generate documentation, just like they would do on our SaaS portal.
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June 7

✓ Compliance Rules for GCP

Cloudockit’s Compliance Rules Engine will be available for Google Cloud.

September 20

Documentation & Diagrams of ARM Templates

Cloudockit will enable you to generate technical documentation and diagrams of your ARM templates. Each template describes exactly what resources you want and the properties that are associated with each of the resources, which makes them clearer and easier to understand.

October 4

PowerPoint output format

Cloudockit will enable you to generate PowerPoint presentations with High-level information and trends. In addition to the current output formats; Word, PDF, Excel, and JSON.
October 4

Cloudockit Application Portfolio Management (Cloudockit IT Portal)

Cloudockit IT Portal by Cloudockit will be a complete IT documentation solution. Cloudockit 365 will be built-in in SharePoint and will leverage the Microsoft 365 product line for easy integration within your organization. The software will use the power of Cloudockit to automatically scan your entire cloud infrastructure and deliver an overview of your applications.

December 6

Tailored Technical Documents

Just like Cloudockit’s Tailored Diagrams, you will be able to easily customize your technical documentation the way it makes sense for you and your team members.

March 1

Microsoft 365 / Power Apps Documentation & Diagrams

Cloudockit will create documentation and diagrams for Microsoft 365 and Power Apps.

March 7

Cloudockit Desktop for macOS

Cloudockit Desktop will be available for macOS users.

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