Documenting Azure and drop the document in Office 365

Today we are releasing a new feature that we get asked a lot : Documenting Azure and drop the document in Office 365.

Basically it gives you the ability to drop the generated document directly into Office 365 instead of using a temporary Blob Container that we host for you.

You can drop the document into a Document Library in SharePoint or in OneDrive.

In order to do that, go in the Office 365 Drop Location settings before starting the Azure Document Generation:

You just need to specify the following parameters:

  • Office 365 Web Site URL : The url of the site that contains the document library to drop the document into
  • Office 365 Document Library : The title of the document library
  • Office 365 Login :  The login to use (should have access to the Document Library and have the permissions to write documents in there)
  • Office 365 Password : The password to use to login

This feature is usefull if you want to generate documents on big Azure subscriptions : indeed, when you do that, it can take a while and you may not stay in front of your computer when the generation happens. By default, when you generate the document, you can access it during 10 minutes which can be not enough for you. By using the Office 365 drop location, you can easily bypass this limitation as the document will be acessible directly in your environment.