Excel Reports for Public Clouds & On-Premise Environments

Release Note v.3.12

Here are all the new exciting features of the Cloudockit’s v3.12 release.

Excel Reports

  • Cloudockit now supports generating Excel reports for AWS, Azure, GCP, Hyper-V and VMware
  • The generated Excel files contain one tab per component type
  • Here is an example of generated file:

excel report for aws, azure and gcp

Drop the document in a SharePoint Online Document Library (Preview)

  • Cloudockit now gives you the ability to drop the document you generate in a SharePoint Online Doc Lib.
  • You can access this setting by going into the Drop Off Tab and specifying the site URL and the title of the Document Library where you want to drop the document.

SharePoint Online Document Library

New Workloads supported in Azure

    • Cloudockit now includes documentation about API Management in the Word document (Visio Diagrams are still being developped)
    • Azure Firewall are now documented and displayed inside the Virtual Networks diagrams
    • Express Route are documented (Visio diagrams are still being developped)

Bug fixes

  • CDK-125: Links between Azure Web App and Service Bus/Event Hub not detected
  • CDK-8: Remote debuging on Alert not true

Try all this new features right now !

Check-out all the release notes if you missed one.