Automatically Generate Google Cloud Platform Visio & Draw.io Diagrams


Pascal Bonheur


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Cloudockit supports multiple Cloud Providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS and we recently released support for Google Cloud Platform.

GCP Services Supported for Diagramming & Documentation

While this is relatively new, we already, we already support multiple workloads which includes the following:

    • Compute
      • Compute Engine
      • App Engine
      • Kubernetes Engine
      • Cloud Functions
    • Storage & Databases
      • Bigtable
      • Cloud Storage
      • Cloud SQL
      • Spanner
      • Memorystore
    • Networking
      • VPC Network
      • Cloud Load Balancing
    • Identity & Security
      • Cloud IAM
    • Big Data
      • Cloud Pub/Sub
      • Data Flow
    • Internet Of Things
      • Cloud IoT Core

Of course, you have the option of generating a full technical documentation of your GCP environment as illustrated below:

Cloudockit also automatically generates diagrams for the following workloads:

VPC Network Diagram

GCP Compute Engine Diagram

App Engine Diagram

Cloudockit’s diagram generator will save you time and money

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In addition to the diagrams displayed above, Cloudockit also generates global diagrams in both 3D and 2D as illustrated below:

As always, feedback is always welcomed. It always helps us improve the product and make sure you get the features you want!

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