Helping CSPs and Their Clients Visualize Their IT Documentation with Cloudockit IT Portal


JF Campeau


October 19, 2021

As companies rapidly migrate to the Cloud, they are increasingly inclined to use the services of a Cloud solution provider (CSP). A CSP can accelerate the growth and efficiency of their clients and ensure proper cloud security.

Cloud solution providers offer several services depending on the needs of their client’s business including IT documentation management, architecture guidance, track security compliance, and overall monitoring.

To facilitate the work of cloud solution providers and for the sake of transparency and accessibility to cloud information by the various actors in organizations, we developed Cloudockit IT Portal. In this article, we will first define what is Cloudockit IT Portal is. Secondly, learn the benefits of using Cloudockit IT Portal for both CSPs and their clients.

What is Cloudockit IT Portal?

Cloudockit IT Portal is a turnkey solution that provides an overview of the information of your cloud infrastructures with the help of a dynamic and simplistic interface. The innovative solution is accessed directly through your SharePoint Online.

From the user interface in SharePoint Online, automatically scan your cloud and on-premises infrastructures to receive a full overview of your applications, resources, architecture diagrams, compliance, security standards, and much more.

Cloudockit IT Portal allows you to customize your resources and add details and important documents like a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) or Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can also add your own links, tags, compliance rules without impacting the cloud provider. Therefore, the use of Cloudockit IT Portal is not only reserved for IT architects but can be extended to other business roles such as a business team.

What Will Cloudockit IT Portal Provide Your Clients?

Thanks to Cloudockit IT Portal, your clients will have direct access to an easy-to-use interface by connecting to your SharePoint Online site. They will be able to navigate through their different resources, applications, and documentation without you needing to write lengthy technical documentation that gets ignored.

Browsing through documentation has never been easier. Your clients will have the freedom to navigate between the different scanned infrastructures to compare the changes over time. The use of different filters will help best satisfy their research.

The use of tags will allow you to organize your clients’ resources to help them get the most out of their information through graphs, statistics, and multiple information. Cloudockit IT Portal doesn’t stop here! New features will be added over time to closely fit the needs of its users and thus grow with your business.

Cloudockit IT Portal will be the bridge between, your clients, and their cloud providers.

How to Deploy Cloudockit IT Portal in SharePoint Online?

Option 1

Host your client’s SharePoint site in your environment and provision your client’s data through Cloudockit Desktop or Cloudockit Container and their providers.

Option 2

Provision your SharePoint site in your environment through Cloudockit Desktop or Cloudockit Container and their providers.