Automatically Generate Architecture Diagrams and Technical Documentation of Your Cloud Environments

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Autogenerated Architecture Diagrams

Autogenerated Technical Documentation

Scheduling, API & Change Tracking

Effortlessly produce editable architecture diagrams by selecting the level of details you wish to see in your diagrams.

Create a complete Word, PDF, Excel or HTML document and continuously receive up-to-date and accurate information.

Effortlessly monitor changes in your environment while saving time and energy.

Audit, Compliance & Security Reports

Cloud Spending

Asset Normalization & 3rd Party Integration

Truly understand what is deployed in your cloud environment and easily find misconfigurations and potential security threats.

Easily keep track of your cloud spending and never exceed your budgets.

Obtain a complete extraction of your cloud assets as an Excel or JSON file.

Compatible with Your Preferred Diagramming Applications

Save time, energy and the reduce risk of errors.

Our diagrams are 100% compatible with your favorite diagramming tool and PDF.

Choose Your Drop-Off Location to Easily Retrieve Your Reports

Select from several drop-off locations to store your diagrams and documents. Cloudockit offers 10 different locations for you to choose from. With this option, you and your team will continually receive updated information exactly where you need it.

3 Versions to Best Suit Your Needs

Cloudockit SaaS uses native Cloud Providers API to retrieve the metadata it needs to generate your documents, find the dependencies between components and create diagrams.

Cloudockit desktop executes locally in your environment. You can install the Cloudockit Desktop on any Windows environment.

Cloudockit Container allows you to execute unlimited calls to the API and start your document, reports, and diagram generation directly from your own pipelines and processes.

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Cloudockit 365 will automatically scan your Cloud and on-premises infrastructures to give you a full overview of your applications. With the easy-to-use platform, you and your team will be able to instantly view which applications are missing critical documentation. You will also have the freedom to:

  • Manage all of your IT documentation in a structured way
  • Quickly scan all of your Cloud IT assets & on-premises environments
  • Leverage your Microsoft 365 applications
  • Manually add your important documentation
  • Keep track of your costs
  • Effortlessly track performance and security compliance

Unlike other application management software, approximately 80% of your valuable information will be automatically detected by Cloudockit.

Our architecture diagrams and technical documents are used by thousands of professionals

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You are not alone, our support team answers all your questions and provides a personalized follow-up. Talk with us, and you will understand.

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Data Security is Key

Your Data Stays Where it is

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory, in an isolated process and no sensitive information is stored on disk.

Your Login Information Remains Unknown

We will never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest security best practices to ensure a secure experience.

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