Improved Visio Diagrams & Rebranded Filtering Options for Azure

Release Note v2.8

New Workloads in Documentation and Improvements

  • The following workloads are now included in the Cloudockit Documentation:
    • Container Services
    • Service Fabric
    • Redis Cache
    • Logic App
    • Key Vault
    • Event Hub
    • Data Lake Store
    • Stream Analytics
  • Filtering options has been completely re-branded and is now fully granular
  • Generated Word Document now contains the filters that have been specified
  • Visio Diagrams improved with:
    • A Not Yet Documented resources container is created to show resources that are not documented yet
    • Scale Set are included in the diagrams
    • App Services are embedded in a App Service Plan Container
  • Tracking features now implemented on all Workloads

Here are a few screenshots of the new features:

Azure dockit workload options

azure virtual machines scale sets

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issues with Visio Layout in word documentation (text was sometimes not aligned)
  • Fix typos in word document
  • Fix issue with Filtering :
    • Wildcard support
    • SQL and Cloud Services now filtered
    • Resource Groups now filtered
  • Add some missing Data Center in the Executive Summary Section