ITPEDIA by Cloudockit

ITPEDIA by Cloudockit is a complete IT documentation solution for any company using enterprise clouds. ITPEDIA is built in SharePoint and leverages the Microsoft 365 product line for easy integration within your organization. The software uses the power of Cloudockit to automatically scan your entire cloud infrastructure for you to get an overview of your applications. With ITPEDIA’s easy to use platform, you and your team will be able to instantly view where you are missing critical documentation and react accordingly, directly with Microsoft 365 products.

ITPEDIA’S Key Features

    • Instant overview of your entire application inventory
    • Instantly be aware of missing critical documentation
    • Create documentation within the platform
    • Fully integrated within SharePoint
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Why did we create ITPEDIA in SharePoint?

    • Leverages Microsoft 365 applications like Planner, PowerApps, and more
    • SharePoint is already integrated within most organizations, no need to approve a new software
    • All data stays within your own environment instead of going through a third-party-application
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Why choose ITPEDIA?

    • Reasonably priced compared to other large IT documentation solutions
    • Low cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Low initial cost of acquisition
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ITPEDIA by Cloudockit Explained