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Modifying Custom Fields in Cloudockit IT Portal

Cloudockit IT Portal enables you to display the fields that are relevant to you by customizing the form in the resource details. 

You can add, delete or simply hide a field from a SharePoint list by following these steps:

Modifying Your Field Settings

1 – In your dashboard, click on Settings and Customize fields

2 – In the CDKCustomFields, click on New. Fill the form and click Save.

Fill the form following specifications in the Field Description table below.

Warning: We recommend not modifying the default fields except for hiding them or changing their importance.


To hide a default field, add an item and simply fill in the form with the following fields::

  • Title
  • Type Id
  • Type Name
  • Property Id
  • Hide Built-in Property

As an example, to hide the field DRP, fill the form like this:

  • Title: DRP
  • Type Id: CDKApplication
  • Type Name: Application
  • Property Id: DRP
  • Hide Built-in Property: True (Yes)


To unhide a field or to delete one, simply delete the appropriate item in the list.


To modify the importance (*) of a field from the default table:

  • Set all the properties for each field, and then in the Property Attributes field delete the ShouldBeSet option from the property you wish to demote. See Default Fields Setting table below.


To add a new field, fill the form according to the specifications described in the table below (Field Descriptions).

Field Descriptions

TitleTitle for the list item.
Type IdThe type of the property. Always use CDKApplication.
Type NameThe type property name. Always use Application.
Property IdThe id of the property.
Property Display NameThe long name you want to display for the field.
Property Short Display NameThe abbreviation of the field.
Property TypeThe property type represents which type of field you want to display. It can be:
– Richtext: a note text field
– String: a simple textfield
– People: a people picker field like the Tech Ownerdate
– Date: a date field
– Link: a link field
Property AttributesThe attributes of the field can be:
– Link: Give the ability to add a link to your field
– Editable: Give the ability to edit the field
– ShouldBeset: Cannot be set alone. Give the ability to render the field as important (Have to be set with the Editable attributes)
– ShouldShowNA: Give the ability to be not set
– Page: Give the ability to add a page to the field
– ChoiceIsFixed: For internal use only
Property OrderAllows you to manage the field order within the same section (e.g. Having the same section order)

Must be between 0 and 9.999.

E.g. To position a field between “XXXX” (order: 20) and “YYYY” (order: 30), both in the same section 100, we can give it an order = 25.
Property Section NameThe name of the section. For internal use only.
Property Section OrderUsed to manage the display order of the section to which the control belongs. Fields with the same “Section order” therefore belong to the same section.

E.g. To position a field between “XXXX” (section order: 100) and “YYYY” (section order: 200), we can give it a section order = 150.
Property Column NumberThe column where the field will be displayed. It can only be:
– 0: the field will be displayed on the left column
– 2: the field will be displayed on the left column
Hide Built-in PropertyHide a field.

Default Field Settings

 TitleType IdType NameProperty IdProperty Display NameProperty Short Display NameProperty TypeProperty AttributesProperty OrderDevelopmentProperty Section OrderProperty Column Number Hide Built-in Property
NAMENAMECDKApplicationApplicationADK_NameNameNamestringEditable1000 1000FALSE
TECH. OWNERTECH. OWNERCDKApplicationApplicationOwnerTechnicalOwner (Technical)Tech. OwnerpeopleShouldBeSet ; Editable; ShouldShowNA10General2002FALSE
BIZ. OWNERBIZ. OWNERCDKApplicationApplicationOwnerBusinessOwner (Business)Biz. OwnerpeopleShouldBeSet ; Editable; ShouldShowNA20General2002FALSE
BIZ. CAPABILITYBIZ. CAPABILITYCDKApplicationApplicationBusinessCapabilityBusiness CapabilityBiz. CapabilitystringChoice;ShouldBeSet;Editable;ShouldShowNA25General2002FALSE
TYPETYPECDKApplicationApplicationAppTypeApplication TypeTypestringChoice;ShouldBeSet;Editable;ShouldShowNA30General2002FALSE
NB USERSNB USERSCDKApplicationApplicationUsersNumberApproximate Number of usersNb UsersnumberShouldBeSet;Editable;ShouldShowNA40General2002FALSE
LAUNCH DATELAUNCH DATECDKApplicationApplicationDateLaunchApproximate Date of launchLaunch datedateEditable;ShouldShowNA200General2002FALSE
LAST DEPLOYMENT DATELAST DEPLOYMENT DATECDKApplicationApplicationLastDeploymentDateLast Deployment DateLast Deployment DatedateEditable;ShouldShowNA210General2002FALSE
DEPRECATED DATEDEPRECATED DATECDKApplicationApplicationDeprecatedDateDeprecated DateDeprecated DatedateEditable;ShouldShowNA220General2002FALSE
DEPLOYED VERSIONDEPLOYED VERSIONCDKApplicationApplicationDeployedVersionDeployed VersionDeployed VersiondateEditable;ShouldShowNA230General2002FALSE
RELATED DOCUMENTSRELATED DOCUMENTSCDKApplicationApplicationCDKRelatedDocumentsRelated DocumentsRelated DocumentslinkLink;Editable;ShouldShowNA;Page5General3002FALSE
DRPDRPCDKApplicationApplicationDRPDisaster Recovery PlanDRPlinkLink;Editable;Page;ShouldBeSet;ShouldShowNA100Operational3002FALSE
SLASLACDKApplicationApplicationSLAService Level AgreementSLAlinkLink;Editable;Page;ShouldBeSet;ShouldShowNA110Operational3002FALSE
USER GUIDEUSER GUIDECDKApplicationApplicationUserGuideUser GuideUser GuidelinkLink;Editable;Page;ShouldBeSet;ShouldShowNA300Development4002FALSE
USER VOICEUSER VOICECDKApplicationApplicationUserVoiceUser VoiceUser VoicelinkLink;Editable;Page;ShouldShowNA320Development4002FALSE
SUPPORTSUPPORTCDKApplicationApplicationSupportCommunitySupport CommunitySupportlinkLink;Editable;Page;ShouldBeSet;ShouldShowNA330Development4002FALSE
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