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Azure – Frequently Ask Questions

What should I enter in the Tenant name to log into Cloudockit ?

Does Cloudockit support ARM and Classic ?

  • Yes it does

Which permissions are required to run Cloudockit for the Azure Platform ?

  • To document ARM Resources, you don’t need to have administrator privileges : Permissions applied to Azure Resources will automatically be taken into account by Cloudockit. For instance if you generate documentation for a subscription with 10 Virtual Machines and you have access to only one (even in read only), only this Virtual Machine will be documented
  • To document Classic Resources, you need to be co-admin has Classic does not offer RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • To document Azure Active Directory, you need to be an Azure Active Directory Global Administrator. Note that this is not a requirement: you can choose when Signing into Cloudockit
  • You can refer to this page to have more details
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