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Getting Started – IT Portal Trial

The following is a quick overview of Cloudockit IT Portal and how to start your pre-provisioned IT Portal trial.

Cloudockit IT Portal automatically scans your cloud and on-premises infrastructures to obtain a full overview of your applications, resources, and the IT documentation related to them.It is fully operated in SharePoint Online.

After your installation, visit Navigate Cloudockit IT Portal.

Starting Your Trial

To start your trial, simply copy the link provided in the Welcome email and open it in an incognito/private window.

Enter the username and password also provided in the Welcome email.

If you did not register to enter the trial, please do so on the Cloudockit IT Portal page.

If you cannot find your email, please check in the junk/spam folder.

If you require more assistance, do not hesitate to send us an email at support@cloudockit.com.

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