LeanIX Launches Cloud Intelligence Powered by Cloudockit


Louis-Philippe Joly


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Cloudockit is proud to announce its strategic partnership with LeanIX to create a brand new software, Cloud Intelligence, the first module of LeanIX Cloud Native Suite. Cloud Intelligence uses technology from both companies to achieve true innovation in cloud architecture software.

What is LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

LeanIX Cloud Native Suite automates the discovery of cloud components to aid in visualizing the ownership and geographies of deployments, optimizing hotspots for cloud spend, and detecting potential violations. It offers:

Up-to-Date Multi-Cloud Overviews

Enhanced cloud portfolio analysis and management over deployed applications, Microservices, Tech Stacks, and Data Objects from across all cloud providers.

Cost Optimization Hotspots

Portfolio-level cost management integrated across all cloud deployments to access real-time costs on current cloud deployments and organized into architectural constituents.

Governance Management

Transparency to validate cloud deployments according to specific business scenarios such as GDPR compliance, vulnerability analysis, and data flow analysis.

Risk Mitigation

Mechanisms to identify cloud components that violate security, availability, and performance rules to ensure internal governance rules are met.

Screenshot of LeanIX Cloud Native Suite Website

How Does Cloudockit Power Cloud Intelligence

Cloudockit provides LeanIX the ability to scan any AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform environments and also automatically detects all the dependencies between those components. Cloudockit also provides added value to LeanIX with Compliance Rules, which allows automatic detection of elements that are misconfigured. Finally, Cloudockit normalized all the components between the different cloud providers.

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Who is LeanIX

LeanIX offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application for driving Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Governance, enabling companies to accelerate their IT transformation. From On-Premises to Cloud-Native and Microservices, architecture teams using LeanIX have the power to strategically support their business and take decisions faster. More than 250 global brands including Volkswagen, Adidas, Bosch, DHL, Santander, Atlassian, and Zalando rely on LeanIX to improve transparency, visibility, and drive real-time efficiencies. LeanIX addresses IT’s critical need to ensure high-quality, real-time data is accessible to stakeholders whenever needed. The company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with U.S. headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Future of Cloudockit

Cloudockit is continually finding new ways to innovate and enhance its cloud architecture software.  As more companies around the world adopt the cloud, the need for cloud monitoring is growing rapidly. The Cloudockit team is always working on enhancements and new features to add to their software.

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