New Workloads Include Network Peering & Network Connections

Release Note v2.6

New Documented Workloads and Auditing Features

  • The following workloads are now documented:
    • Network Peering
    • Network Connections & Gateways
    • Custom RBAC Roles
    • Public IP
  • Visio are generated by Workloads and now by Resource Groups (one tab per resource group)
  • Auditing feature: ability to generate a secured .pdf file that is protected by a password and only the auditor will receive.
  • Creating a custom document template is now easier. Just upload any of your company documents and it will be automatically used by Cloudockit (https://www.cloudockit.com/createtemplate/┬áto view details on how to do that)
  • App Settings and Cloud Service Settings are obfuscated by default and you can choose if you want to see those settings in clear text
  • Faster Generation Time (35% faster)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix typos in the documentation
  • Visio 3D Diagrams connections are now fixed so that you can rework the Diagram after generation
  • Fix issue with email sending