Azure & AWS Updates & On-Premise Document Generation per DataCenter

Release Note v3.14

Here are all the new features of the Cloudockit v3.14 release.


  • HD Insight is now supported

azure hdinsigt cluster

  • DataLake is fully documented

azure data lake store

  • API Management links are displayed in the Visio files


  • Reserved Instances are now fully documented with details about the reservations:

aws reserved instance

  • Emails sent for AWS now include billing charts:

cloudockit billing information in emails

On-Premise Document Generation

  • For those of you that have big VMware deployment, we have fixed the performance issue with thousands of VM deployments. You can now split the document generated by DataCenter :

On-Premise Document Generation

Revamped Windows Automation Tool for Local Document Generation

  • ┬áThe Windows Application Tool that allows to do the document generation locally on your servers has been updated to support multiple automation subscriptions in a single automation profile.
  • For each subscription, you can also override settings like The person to send the email to and the storage account to use:

cloudockit Revamped Windows Automation Tool

  • The tool now support updates detection and will prompt you if a new update is available.

We have also published a detailed article on how to do scheduled document generation.

Bug fixes

  • CDK-275: Missing some Virtual Machines in the document & diagrams

Try all this new features right now !

Check-out all the release notes if you missed one.