Cloudockit's Roadmap

Welcome to Cloudockit’s Roadmap. As you will see, we did not include Workloads and Compliance Rules in our Roadmap since the team is continually adding new ones. Visit our Release Notes page for the full list of updates.

All dates in the Roadmap are tentative.

New workloads supported

Azure: ARC, Virtual Desktop, and Synapse

GCP: Cloud Run

Cloudockit IT Portal in confluence – beta

Cloudockit will automatically generate pages that contain documentation for your cloud resources.

Cloudockit IT Portal SharePoint upgrades

Our newest tool will be continually expanding to better fit your needs. Starting with new APM and costs features.

Cloudockit Desktop will support User Mode (Non Administrator)

Tailored Technical Documents

Just like Cloudockit’s Tailored Diagrams, you will be able to easily customize your technical documentation the way it makes sense for you and your team members.

Cloudockit IT Portal in Confluence

You will now be able to access a version of Cloudockit IT Portal directly in Confluence.

Cloudockit IT Portal SharePoint upgrades

Cloudockit will be adding APM features and external databases to IT Portal. Our newest tool will be continually expanding to better fit your needs.

Microsoft 365 settings documentation

Cloudockit will create documentation and reports for Microsoft 365 settings.

IT Portal available as a standalone application

IT Portal will be deployable as a standalone version (outside SharePoint and Confluence)


Scanning your Kubernetes environments will not only be available with Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Microsoft 365 Custom Components (Power Apps, Logic Flow…) management in IT Portal

Custom Components in Microsoft 365 will be displayed in IT Portal to enable you to document what is important in your Microsoft 365

Leverage Network Traffic Analysis to detect links

With this new feature, you will be able to collect real-time and historical records of your network, detect malware, detect the use of vulnerable protocols, and much more.

Questions about any of these features?

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