Cloudockit Now Supports Draw.io & On-Premise Infrastructure

Release Note v3.10

Here are all the new exciting features of the Cloudockit v3.10 release.

On-Premises (Hyper-V and VMware)

  • Cloudockit now supports generating reports and diagrams for your on-premises Virtual Infrastructure (Hyper-V and VMware Hosts are supported)

On-Premise Documentation, Report & Diagram Support

  • The On-Premises document generation is a simple three step process:
    • Download the Powershell scripts to execute and retrieve information from your Hyper-V and VMware hosts
    • Execute the scripts on your Virtualization Hosts and collect the resulting .json file
    • Upload the generated .json file in the Cloudockit website and generate your documentation

Draw.io supported as output of Cloudockit (Preview)

AWS EC2 Diagrams in Draw.io

AWS EC2 Diagrams in Draw.io

AWS / IoT Core & Directory Service

    • Cloudockit now includes the following workloads in the generated reports and diagrams:
      • IoT Core
      • Directory Service
    • AWS Lambda diagrams are embedded in the generated Word Document

Azure / SQL Elastic Database Pool

  • New Azure workloads:
    • Azure SQL Elastic Database Pool
    • On Premise (currently the option is available when you select Azure but we will make the On-Premise documentation generation independent of the cloud provider in the next release)

Google / Memory Store

  • Cloudockit now includes the following workload in the generated documentation and diagrams:
    • Memory Store

Bug fixes

  • CDK-1141 : In 3D Visio Diagrams, connections get lost when objects are moved
  • CDK-1136 : Issue when wrong separator is used in email field in the DropOff Tab
  • CDK-1138 : Layout issue in AWS Diagrams

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