Cloudockit Now Supports & On-Premise Infrastructure

Release Note v3.10

Here are all the new exciting features of the Cloudockit v3.10 release.

On-Premises (Hyper-V and VMware)

  • Cloudockit now supports generating reports and diagrams for your on-premises Virtual Infrastructure (Hyper-V and VMware Hosts are supported)

On-Premise Documentation, Report & Diagram Support

  • The On-Premises document generation is a simple three step process:
    • Download the Powershell scripts to execute and retrieve information from your Hyper-V and VMware hosts
    • Execute the scripts on your Virtualization Hosts and collect the resulting .json file
    • Upload the generated .json file in the Cloudockit website and generate your documentation supported as output of Cloudockit (Preview)

AWS EC2 Diagrams in

AWS EC2 Diagrams in

AWS / IoT Core & Directory Service

    • Cloudockit now includes the following workloads in the generated reports and diagrams:
      • IoT Core
      • Directory Service
    • AWS Lambda diagrams are embedded in the generated Word Document

Azure / SQL Elastic Database Pool

  • New Azure workloads:
    • Azure SQL Elastic Database Pool
    • On Premise (currently the option is available when you select Azure but we will make the On-Premise documentation generation independent of the cloud provider in the next release)

Google / Memory Store

  • Cloudockit now includes the following workload in the generated documentation and diagrams:
    • Memory Store

Bug fixes

  • CDK-1141 : In 3D Visio Diagrams, connections get lost when objects are moved
  • CDK-1136 : Issue when wrong separator is used in email field in the DropOff Tab
  • CDK-1138 : Layout issue in AWS Diagrams

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