V2.2.6 – Release Notes

New features:

  • You can now Track Changes in your Azure Environment and compare a document with a previously generated document;
  • Completely rebranded UI
    • Easy access to features like the ability to drop the documents in OneDrive
  • You can now create your own configuration and reuse it when you generate a documentation
    • For G2-T, Administrator can now create Default Tenant Configuration (including a custom template) that will be used by all their users
  • DocumentDB is now documented with basic information (more to come in the next release)
  • New Visio Diagrams have been added to easily see dependencies between Storages
  • ScaleSet are now documented
  • Cloudockit is now powered by a new queuing mechanism that basically allows us unlimited scaling


Bug Fixes:

  • Web App Settings not showing
  • Arrows in Web App Visio diagram reversed