v3.20 – Release Notes

Cloudockit v3.20 features new AWS icons, rebranded templates and new Workload in Azure (Bot Services) & AWS (Customer Gateway / Internet Gateway).


  • New icons for AWS diagrams have been released. They are now included by default in the Word Documents and Diagrams. If you prefer to keep using the old one, you can still do that.
  • VPN Site-to-Site Connection & Customer Gateways are now fully documented


  • Bot Service is now documented and Cloudockit detect the App Services that connect to the Bot Service

Diagrams By Location

We have added a new type of diagram that displays your architectures by Location. You basically get one Tab per Location in the Diagram:

Document Default Template new Brand

We have refreshed the Cloudockit Reports first page to make it a lot better :

Try all this new features right now !

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