v3.6 – Release Notes

New features

Compliance Rules

      • Compliance Rule Engine is now available in preview.
          • You can now create your own rules like the one bellow : Give me a warning if a Virtual Machine OS is not Windows Server

        • We currently provide a few set of Built-in rules as examples and we will publish new rules in the future
        • Our intent is also to allow you to submit rules that you thing can be interesting for other people so that we can review them and make them available to everyone
        • The Rule Engine support advanced And/Or Scenarios with Group and Rules so the possibilities are basically unlimited
  • Google Cloud

      • Google Cloud is now supported in Preview Mode with many workloads already supported:

Cloudockit is now ‘Application aware’

  • We have introduced the concept of Application to allow better reporting : You can now select a tag that represent the application and we will generate Visio Diagrams per Application and an Applications section in the Word document (This is available for both AWS and Azure):
  • Azure Specific

  • New Azure workloads:
    • AKS (Kubernetes)
    • PostgreSQL
  • We now support China + GOV Subscriptions for Azure

AWS Specific

  • Ability to filter by Region when you generate the documentation

Bug fixes

  • ADK87234 – Issue with Recovery Vault Region not detected
  • CDK-905 – Drop in AWS storage issue with North Virginia Region
  • CDK-720 – Scrolling issue in the Windows Automation Tool
  • CDK-734 – Unable to use Cloudockit for Azure for user that are not Global Admin when 3rd party application are disallowed (cf. procedure)
  • CDK-206 – Alignments issues in AWS Visio Diagrams when there is an important number of Virtual Machines

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