Cloudockit Container Instructions and Installation Manuals

Cloudockit Container Information

The container edition is not downloadable, you have to contact us.

Please visit our pricing page to know the conditions to get a Cloudockit container license.

If you’re interested, please contact Sales@cloudockit.com with the following information:

    • Storage name (it can be the same storage for your POC and for your final Production installation), either one of these:
      • Azure : Storage Account Name
      • AWS : S3 Bucket Name
      • GCP : Bucket Name

The container license key (contained in a license.json file) is attached to that unique Storage Name.

Create this storage in advance in order to ensure it is unique before sending its name to us !

You may find the Cloudockit container installation guides with the links below.

Note that we provide PowerShell scripts for the installation on Azure and AWS (ECS Fargate and Elastic Beanstalk). We highly recommend you use these.

Advanced knowledge in container installation and networking is required.

Please note that we do not provide assistance for the installation with Kubernetes or other container orchestration systems.

Cloudockit Container Installation Manuals