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Ease your mind with scheduling and automation. Ensure a tight monitoring and dispatch the documents within your architect team. Effortless and proactive!

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How Does it Work?

Cloudockit lets you schedule the generation of your documentation, reports and diagrams for your Azure, AWS, GCP, Hyper-V and VMware environments.

We offer an automation feature so you can sleep on both ears. And let us do the work for you.

Autopilot Mode is Real!

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Online Automation

By automatically setting up elements in your environments (Runbook for Azure or Lambda function for AWS), generating recurring reports and diagrams requires no effort.

To ensure maximum security, we do not save your information or keep tokens on our Cloudockit environments. We set it up for the client (AWS, Azure or GCP) to send us the information.


Another way to run scheduling is using a simple Powershell script that you can trigger yourself.

Using this generic technology allows you to include your own conditions and specificities.

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Rest API (currently in Beta)

This option gives you all the flexibility you require: just call our REST API endpoint and your document generation will start!

Specify the options you prefer in the REST API call and Cloudockit will do the job for you.

Using this generic technology allows you to include your own conditions, specifications and integrate Cloudockit in your processes and applications.

Cloudockit Desktop

With Cloudockit desktop, Cloudockit runs 100% locally.

You get the exact same output as on the Cloudockit website.

Step 1: Automation Profile Creation

As a first step to automate your document generation, you just need to create an Automation Profile. Your profile will host all settings used when generating the documents. For example, you can specify to generate only an Excel file and Visio Diagrams.

Step 2: Run Cloudockit Desktop

Simply install the Cloudockit Desktop anywhere, including your laptop, physical server or Virtual Machines in Azure or AWS.

After installation, Cloudockit is able to access your Automation Profiles or create new ones. Then, just select the Automation Profile and enter your credentials (remember we do not store your credentials, so you need to enter them at this step), click the Schedule button and you are done!

With Cloudockit Desktop you have no limits regarding the number of Schedules you can trigger.  Just be careful to not overload your server!  It could be considered as the best option if you have many subscriptions or accounts you want to document. You can select multiple environments for a single run and for each environment you can specify the drop-off location and a specific email notification.

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