Easily Automate Your Diagrams and Documentation Generation

Let Cloudockit do the work for you. Easily set up the Scheduling and Automation tool to automatically generate your reports and diagrams. Effortlessly ensure tight monitoring and dispatch the documents within your architect team.

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Rest API for Scheduling in SaaS and Container

Get the flexibility you require. Simply call our REST API endpoint, specify the options you prefer, and Cloudockit will do the job for you.

This option allows you to include your own conditions, specifications, and integrate Cloudockit in your processes and applications.

REST API calls are throttled in the Cloudockit SaaS version. If you want unlimited and isolated REST API calls, use Cloudockit API Container.

Cloudockit API Container

Execute unlimited calls to the API.

Cloudockit Container runs in your own environment; completely isolate the scanning and document generation process. Run scans parallel with multiple processes, and start your document, and diagram generation directly from your own pipelines/processes.

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Cloudockit SaaS

The quickest way to generate your documents and diagrams.

Cloudockit SaaS uses native Cloud Provider’s API (Azure, AWS & Google Cloud) to retrieve the metadata it needs to generate your documents, find the dependencies between components and create diagrams. Behind the scenes, Cloudockit completes multiple REST API calls to analyze your environment and list all of your components.

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Cloudockit Desktop for an Easy-to-use Scheduling Tool

Cloudockit Desktop

Execute everything locally

If you want advanced scheduling features without any limitations and throttling, then you want to use Cloudockit Desktop. With the easy-to-use web user interface, choose to automatically scan your environments every day or exactly when you want.

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Autopilot Mode is Real!

More Ways Than One to Automate Your Diagrams and Documentation

Online Automation

Effortlessly generate reports and diagrams. 

By automatically setting up elements in your environments, Runbook for Azure or Lambda function for AWS, generating recurring reports and diagrams requires no effort.

To ensure maximum security, we do not save your information or keep tokens on our Cloudockit environments. It is set up for the client, AWS, Azure, or GCP, to send us the information.


Conveniently include your own conditions. 

Another way to run the scheduling is by using a simple PowerShell script that you can trigger yourself.

Using this generic technology allows you to include your own conditions and specificities.

Choose Your Drop-Off Location and Easily Retrieve Your Reports

Select from several drop-off locations to store your diagrams and documents. Cloudockit offers 10 different locations for you to choose from. With this option, you and your team will continually receive updated information exactly where you need it.

Scheduling and Automation for Your Architecture Diagrams and Technical Documentation

Fully understand your cloud with automated architecture diagrams and technical documentation. At Cloudockit, we deliver the tools that help you understand and master your IT cloud environment.

Editable Architecture Diagrams

Easily visualize your cloud’s architecture in a matter of minutes instead of creating your diagrams by hand.

Generate fully editable 2D and 3D diagrams of both your Cloud and on-premises environments. You will be able to instantly view your Cloud’s architecture and if needed, quickly edit your diagrams with Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart.

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Technical Documentation

Reduce the risk of errors by letting Cloudockit create technical documentation for you.

Create a complete Word, PDF, or HTML document of both your cloud and on-premises environments. Define your custom templates to work with your own style and proudly show your work to your team and management.

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