Stop manually creating diagrams

Generate complete and up-to-date diagrams of your current cloud architecture with fully editable Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart diagrams.

Pass cloud audits with flying colors

Cloudockit’s automated compliance and security reports are a real game-changer both for security assurance and certification purposes.

Always keep tabs on your cloud

For each cloud component, easily observe the changes made since your last document generation. To ensure tight monitoring, ensure to use the scheduling and automation option when generating your documentation.

Generate complete diagrams and reports

Free up time and resources for what brings most value, and rely on a comprehensive picture of all assets to make informed decisions.

Optimize costs

See the exact amount spent on specific cloud components such as an Azure VM, an AWS Elastic Beanstalk, or a GCP Kubernetes Engine.

Use your own branding

Just insert your logo, and voilĂ !

One License for All

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