Scan and Extract Your Cloud Assets to Get a Normalized View

With Cloudockit, you can obtain a complete extraction of your cloud assets as an Excel or JSON file for your Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premises environments. Afterward, you can use your cloud asset information to feed a third-party application, to help you develop software, and much more.

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Cloud Asset Normalization Output Formats

Cloudockit will securely scan your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hyper-V, or VMware environments to deliver an Excel or JSON file.

Excel Files

The Excel file contains all of the information extracted from your cloud environments. This is the best format to use when you want to extract all of your plant components and customize the extracted data.

For example

    • Creating a CMDB database 
    • Save snapshots of your environments
    • Build charts and consolidated tables

Cloudockit will generate a very useful file containing a separate tab per type of component within your environment and a warning tab that consists of potential issues.

JSON Files

In order to accomplish more complex tasks like custom deployments, custom scripts, or even embedding Cloudockit features inside your own product or your own SaaS solution, JSON files are what you need.

Cloudockit will automatically generate a JSON file containing all of your important elements.

    • All assets found during the inventory process
      • Complete diagrams of the asset architecture
      • Complete documentation of the asset architecture (HTML/MD Format)
      • All properties of the asset
      • Categories of each asset
    • A list of categories to classify the assets that are standardized between all cloud providers
    • A normalized view of all the cloud assets
    • Cost information for all of your cloud assets
    • Compliance rules that are applied to all Cloud providers
    • All of the geographical properties
    • And much more

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Normalized Cloud Asset Information for All Platforms!

Extract Normalized Cloud Asset Information & Dependencies to Feed a Third-Party Application

Cloudockit Container will enable you to extract a JSON file of your cloud resources and help you build software related to cloud environments. Once the JSON file is completed, a webhook will let your application know it can retrieve the data from a secure link.

Cloudockit will help you by removing all of the complexities of securely scanning and retrieving your cloud and on-premises resources as well as retrieving the links between them.

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The Diverse Uses of Normalized Cloud Assets

  • To help you develop software by providing you with a complete asset inventory of your cloud elements
  • To enable you to consolidate and have a standardized view of all your components across multiple providers
  • To help you develop a custom script that needs all of the resources from your cloud providers as input
  • To keep track of the evolution of your cloud landscape and build your own reports/apps

Explore More of Cloudockit’s Tools and Master Your Cloud Environments

Fully understand your cloud with automated architecture diagrams and technical documentation. At Cloudockit, we deliver the tools that help you understand and master your IT cloud environment.

Scheduling & API

Continuously monitor changes in your environment while saving time and energy.

Schedule Cloudockit to generate documentation on a regular basis and get a highlight of the changes in your accounts. Cloudockit allows you to save time and get up-to-date technical documentation that is ready at a moment’s notice.

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Editable Architecture Diagrams

Easily visualize your cloud’s architecture in a matter of minutes instead of creating your diagrams by hand.

Generate fully editable 2D and 3D diagrams of both your cloud and on-premises environments. You will be able to instantly view your cloud architecture and if needed, quickly edit your diagrams with Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart.

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Technical Documentation

Reduce the risk of errors by letting Cloudockit create technical documentation for you.

Create a complete Word, PDF, or HTML document of both your cloud and on-premises environments. Define your custom templates to work with your own style and proudly show your work to your team and management.

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