Exceed expectations in customer service

Don’t just bill your customers every month, keep them in the loop! Automatically generate accurate and up-to-date cloud documentation to keep them involved. As you know, it’s cheaper to keep existing clients happy than finding new ones…

Provide weekly updates

Manage risks and build loyalty by updating your customers weekly on their cloud infrastructure. It helps clarify cost variations, avoid misunderstandings, and if needed, act swiftly to make adjustments.

Use change tracking to corroborate your work

Whenever you implement changes specifically requested by a customer, use our change tracking feature and send them a snapshot of the new infrastructure as supporting documentation.

Generate complete diagrams and reports

Free up time and resources for what brings most value, and rely on a comprehensive picture of all assets to make informed decisions.

Use your own branding

Just insert your logo, and voilĂ !

One License for All

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Transform your Cloud Managed Services with Cloudockit

In our latest blog post, we are sharing how to stand out & how to deliver more cost-effective and efficient services as a Cloud Managed Service Providers.