Data storage and security

We built Cloudockit with a top priority on security.  All the documents are generated in memory in an isolated process and no sensitive information get stored on disk.

With a smooth integration, we are using the latest and best security practices to ensure a secure experience.

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all credentials are secure and never recorded
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Why security does matter?

Security and privacy have transitioned from being legal risk management and compliance topics to drivers of innovation and a requirement for business survival.  As a company, we put security and privacy first to have a strategic competitive advantage that increases over time.  We think and design the architecture and development lifecycle of Cloudockit to be secure first.

Security is key for every platforms

AWS - Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

We do not keep your credentials and documents

When generating your reports and diagrams, you have the option to specify your own storage environment. All documents are generated in memory only and then streamed directly into your own storage.

Once the documentation has been streamed to your side, the temporary token used to connect to your environment is immediately and permanently deleted.

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Reviewed and approved by multiple independent organizations

Cloudockit is approved on multiple software marketplaces including Azure App Source, Azure Active Directory Marketplace, Login with Amazon and Google Sign-In.

Additionally, we are proud to say that all Microsoft Services Consultants around the world are now using Cloudockit.

Cloudockit Desktop to end all the questions left.

Not convince, Cloudockit Desktop generate the exact same output as the Cloudockit SaaS version, but everything will run locally.

Just define your settings on our web interface and specify your credential locally on the Windows Application to get things started.

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data set stay in the country where the cloud server is based

What about data sovereignty

Cloudockit is deployed in multiple datacenters to ensure that we respect data sovereignty. That means that if you are in USA for example, your data will stay in the USA and if you are in UK, your data will stay in UK.

What security practices are implemented at Cloudockit

Cloudockit security & development teams are highly focused on developing a secured product. Here are some of the key elements (not exhaustive list) that are enforced at Cloudockit:

  • Required Communication encryption is with TLS1.2 enforced
  • Storages used are encrypted at rest
  • Firewall deployed for all components
  • Queue messages are software-encrypted on top of the queue encryption
  • GDPR-proof : beta environments are not using production data
  • Continuous testing to ensure code quality.
  • Our development team is trained for security best practices and a security committee is regularly reviews
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