Automatically Generate Editable Architecture Diagrams

Cloudockit is a simple to use tool that creates an automated view of your current cloud architecture with fully editable Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart diagrams. Our software lets you specify how your cloud components are laid out and will automatically refresh the information without changing your diagram layouts.

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Architecture Diagram Tool at 3 Different Levels

Cloudockit will let you select the level of details you wish to see in your diagrams. Choose from simple diagrams at the VM level to a complete detailed view of all the available properties in your cloud. Cloudockit can document more than 500 types of links.

Editable Diagrams

Easily visualize your cloud architecture in a matter of minutes instead of creating your diagrams by hand.

Cloudockit developed a proprietary engine to automatically create diagrams, optimized for IT landscapes, using well-known layouts and icons used by infrastructure architects. All diagrams are fully editable with Visio, diamgrams.net, and LucidChart.

Tailored Diagrams

Easily customize your architecture diagrams the way it makes sense for you and your team members.

With Tailored Diagrams, you are able to specify how your cloud components are laid out based on the different types of links Cloudockit is able to detect. The Cloudockit user interface allows you to save your preferred diagram settings as templates for easy access at any time.

To make the process easy, Cloudockit automatically lists all of the component types detected. The possibilities are endless!

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Auto-Refreshed Diagrams

Never miss updates or security breaches by having Cloudockit automatically refresh your diagrams.

After you modify your cloud diagrams, Cloudockit will update the metadata of each shape without making any changes to your previous edits. If new components are detected during the scan, they will be automatically added to your diagrams.

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Harmonized for Every Platform

How are Your Cloud Infrastructure Diagrams Organized?

There are as many optimal diagrams as there are persons and platforms. Everyone is dealing with their own restrictions, organizations, and projects. Knowing that Cloudockit creates diagrams organized in so many ways that you will find the one that just fits your needs.

For more control over the organization of your architecture diagrams, use the Tailored Diagrams tool.

resource groups icon

Resources Groups

View all components for a specific resource group.

business application icon

Business Application

Visualize all components related to a business application by using tags, group names, regular expressions, and more.

Workload Types

Target people with specific roles. Being a network administrator, you will be interested in seeing VPCs and virtual networks only.

Global Diagram

High level and detailed diagrams with everything that Cloudockit found. This is the most complete diagram you can get.

What Kind of Magic is Used to Find Dependencies Easily?

The secret of a good diagram is when you can clearly see the dependencies between its components. To do so, Cloudockit leverages an advanced dependency detection engine that relies on the 3 following features.

Native Dependencies Detection

The easy one. When a VMware Virtual Machine is connected to a specific disk, it is as easy as reading the hard drive properties of the virtual machine to find the dependencies to display.

Configured Dependencies Detection

When the AWS Elastic Beanstalk application stores data into an S3 Storage bucket, it uses the environment variable to define the S3 Connection string in the Elastic Beanstalk Application settings. In this case, Cloudockit automatically scans your connection string to displays it.

Advanced Dependency Detection

When Azure App Service retrieves data from a Cosmos DB with a hard-coded connection string, Cloudockit uses tools like Application Insight to detect the dependencies.

Leveraging this technology, Cloudockit automatically detects the App Service using Cosmos DB even if it looks like there is absolutely no link.

See the full list of resource dependencies and links Cloudockit can detect

Dependencies & Links

Leverage Existing Diagramming Tools

With Cloudockit, you can simply use your preferred diagramming tool.

No proprietary drawings

Cloudockit is Not Just About Cloud Architecture Diagrams

Diagramming is crucial to have a good understanding of your IT landscape, but it is not enough. At Cloudockit, we deliver the tools that help you understand and master your IT cloud environment.

Technical Documentation

Reduce the risk of errors by letting Cloudockit create technical documentation for you.

Create a complete Word, PDF, or HTML document of both your cloud and on-premises environments. Define your custom templates to work with your own style and proudly show your work to your team and management.

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Scheduling & API

Continuously monitor changes in your environment while saving time and energy.

Schedule Cloudockit to generate documentation on a regular basis and get a highlight of the changes in your accounts. Cloudockit allows you to save time and get up-to-date technical documentation that is ready at a moment’s notice.

Specify the options you prefer in the REST API. Using this generic technology allows you to include your own conditions, specifications, and integrate Cloudockit in your processes and applications.

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Audit, Compliance & Security

Stay in control of your costs and changes at any time.

In a single tool, find all of the features you need to stay in control of your cloud platforms and still let your team innovate without over-restricting policies.

Additionally, fully understand what has been deployed in your cloud environment. Find misconfigurations and potential security issues without giving your team members any additional permissions in your cloud management portal/console.

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Data Security is Key

Your Data Stays Where it is

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory, in an isolated process and no sensitive information is stored on disk.

Your Login Information Remains Unknown

We will never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest security best practices to ensure a secure experience.

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