Automatically Generate Editable Architecture Diagrams

Cloudockit is a simple to use tool that creates an automated view of your current architecture with fully editable Visio, or Lucidchart diagrams.

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Automated diagram generation for cloud environment
automation of cloud data visualization

How Does it Work?

We developed a proprietary engine to automatically create diagrams, optimized for IT landscapes, using well-known layouts and icons used by infrastructure architects.

Start generating a clear view of your environment just by login into Cloudockit. Choose your Cloud provider or your on-premises host and let Cloudockit do the work for you!

Harmonized for Every Platform

Talking about diagrams, there are as many optimal diagrams as there are persons and platforms. Everyone is dealing with their own restrictions, organization and projects. Knowing that, Cloudockit creates diagrams organized in so many ways that you will find the one that just fits your needs.

resource groups icon

Resources Groups

View all components for a specific resource group.

business application icon

Business Application

Visualize all components related to a business application
by using tags, group names, regular expression, and more.

workload types icon

Workload Types

Target people with specific roles. Being a network administrator, you will be interested in seeing VPCs and virtual networks only.

global diagram icon

Global Diagram

High level and detailed diagrams with everything that Cloudockit found. This is the more complete diagram you can get.

What Kind of Magic is Used to Find Dependencies Easily?

The secret of a good diagram is when you can clearly see the dependencies between its components.  To do so, Cloudockit leverages an advanced dependency detection engine that relies on 3 features:

Native Dependencies Detection

The easy one: when a VMware Virtual Machine is connected to a specific disk, it is as easy as reading the Hard Drive properties of the Virtual Machine to find the dependencies to display.

virtual machine and cloud computing illustration

Configured Dependencies Detection

When AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application stores data into a S3 Storage bucket, it uses the Environments variable to define the S3 Connection String in the Elastic Beanstalk Application Settings.  In this case, Cloudockit automatically scans your connection string and displays it.

cloud network and database

Advanced Dependency Detection

When Azure App Service retrieves data from a Cosmos DB with hard-coded connection string, Cloudockit uses tools like Application Insight to detect the dependencies.

Leveraging this technology, Cloudockit automatically detects the App Service using Cosmos DB even if it looks like there is absolutely no link.

Don’t miss dependencies anymore!

look up on a virtual machine and a database

Leverage Existing Diagramming Tools

No proprietary drawing

More to Come!

Cloudockit gives you the possibility to automatically visualize all your data, from all types of environments, with no effort. Export your results and start being creative, in a short amount of time, and no possible mistakes.

There are many new features we are currently working on, so you will soon get even more value from your diagrams.

  • By using Artificial Intelligence, we improve the layout of the diagrams and dynamically generate finer diagrams. It includes decreasing the number of lines crossing and bringing related shapes as close as possible
  • We are currently working on the ability to re-upload any manually customized diagrams previously generated by Cloudockit and only update missing or changed information

This is Not Just About Diagrams

Diagramming is crucial to have a good understanding of your IT landscape, but it is not enough.
At Cloudockit, we deliver a tool that helps you understand and master your IT environment.

visualisation of a workload activity in cloud computing

Scheduling & Automation

You should not have to trigger the diagram generation manually: Cloudockit gives you multiple ways to automate your document generation (Automation Account, AWS Lambda, PowerShell, etc.)

Contextualized Diagrams

Diagrams cannot provide as many details as a standard document: Cloudockit automatically generates a Word document that embeds the diagrams.

look up on a cloud diagram
glassed allowing a better visualization of a computer environment


Monitoring compliance and changes should be one of your top priorities. Cloudockit includes those two features and displays such information in the diagrams.

Data Security is Key

Your Data Stays Where it is

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory in an isolated process and no sensitive information is stored on disk.

cloud data security illustration

Your Login Information Remains Unknown

We will never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest and best security practices to ensure a secure experience.

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