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Top Mistakes Cloud Architects Can Make with Their Cloud Architectures

Cloud computing continues to transform the way companies share, store, and use data. Behind those Clouds are Cloud Architects and a whole array of IT personnel who work hard to ensure data can continuously be shared and threats are illimited before they happen.

Tailored Diagrams by Cloudockit

Cloudockit’s newest feature lets you customize your architecture diagrams and display the exact information that is most relevant to you.

Documenting Your Kubernetes Infrastructure for IT Professionals

IT application systems are complex, and as business requirements evolve, they get more convoluted over time. In today’s day and age, those systems are often built using a microservice architecture, with countless pieces.

The 12 Most Used Google Cloud Diagrams Explained!

Even if Google is one of the most organized companies in the world, trying to find the meaning of each icon can still be a daunting task. Since Google Cloud architecture diagrams are a very important part of any cloud architect…

The 25 Most Used AWS icons Explained!

Out of the hundreds of AWS architecture diagrams, how many do you actually know well, or the name of?


Microsoft Azure API Management and How Cloudockit Can Help You Document It?

Azure API management (APIM) allows you to publish, secure, transform, maintain and monitor multiple APIs


How Powerful is Cloudockit’s Azure Documentation Generator?

With Cloudockit, you do not need to install or change anything in your Azure environment. You can automatically generate technical documentation and reports.


Using Cloudockit for Your Google Cloud Architecture Diagrams

Cloudockit’s Google Cloud architecture diagram tool has been active for more than 2 years, however, many Google Cloud Platform users still don’t know about its existence.


LeanIX Launches Cloud Intelligence Powered by Cloudockit

Cloudockit is proud to announce its strategic partnership with LeanIX to create a brand new software, Cloud Intelligence, the first module of LeanIX Cloud Native Suite.


Use Cloudockit to Easily Create Azure Architecture Diagrams

It is no surprise; cloud services are now present in every industry. From small private corporations to large conglomerates and even governments…


Cloudockit is the Most Impressive Cloud Diagram Software on the Market

For years Cloudockit has been the leading cloud diagram tool sought out by companies around the world. The software, available online or as a desktop version…


Automatically Generate Google Cloud Platform Visio & Draw.io Diagrams

Cloudockit supports multiple Cloud Providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS and we recently released support for Google Cloud Platform.


Create Reports, Full Docs. & Diagrams of Your Hyper-V & VMware On-Premises Hosts

Cloudockit now supports generating reports and diagrams (Visio and Draw.io) for your Hyper-V and VMware on-premises virtual infrastructure.


Generate Azure Diagrams with the Help of Cloudockit

Cloudockit allows you to automatically generate your Azure Architecture Diagrams in editable formats like Visio and draw.io. Stop wasting time trying to generate…

5 Things You Need to Know to Draw Better AWS Diagrams

Creating nice AWS (Amazon Web Services) diagrams is quite a complex task. Sure you can create small diagrams with a few basic components like an EC2 Instance…


How Cloudockit Can Help You Visualize Your Google Cloud Platform Projects

Congratulations! You have deployed projects in GCP (Google Cloud Platform).


Troubleshooting: Azure Kubernetes Services is Stuck in Creating or Deleting State

A few months ago, we have introduced AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) in Cloudockit: you can now fully document your AKS Clusters…


Cloudockit Compliance Features & AWS, Azure, GCP Built-in Security Features

Controlling and monitoring your cloud environments is vital to secure your data. In this article, we will compare the tools to monitor and control your cloud environments…


Azure AD Authentication with Azure SQL, Entity Framework and Dependency Injection

As a first step, allow the AAD Authentication in your Azure SQL Server. To do so, you need to add an Active Directory Admin.


Cloudockit now Available on Marketplace and Improved Management of Release Notes

We are proud to announce that Cloudockit is now available on Azure Marketplace.


Cloudockit Now Features Improved Visio Diagrams With Dependencies

Cloudockit is are proud to release a major upgrade with Visio Diagrams. You can now generate the diagrams with the added bonus of dependencies.


Cloudockit Now Features an Assessment of Your Azure Environment

For years Cloudockit has been the leading cloud diagram tool sought out by companies around the world. The software, available online or as a desktop version is compatible…


Cloudockit Now Supports Traffic Manager Plus Control Permissions in your Azure

Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager allows you to control the distribution of user traffic to your specified endpoints, which can include…


Generate Azure Active Directory Documentation & Billing Information

A lot of our customers are currently moving to Azure and we noticed that they are always very surprised when they discover that their current configuration does…


Cloudockit, the Cloud Architecture Tool, features Full Connected Visio Diagrams

Cloudockit’s last software update unabled you to to generate Visio diagrams directly embedded in Word documents.

Automate your Azure Documentation and Diagrams

Cloudockit automatically generates documents, reports and diagrams for your Azure environments in order to avoid creating them manually.


Generate Docs. Without Administrator Privileges & Easily Drop Docs. in Office 365

Today, we are releasing a new version of Cloudockit that allows you to generate documents without having the two following privileges which…


Run Azure PowerShell Scripts Inside ARM Virtual Machines Using C#

This article will focus on a very common task done when administering Virtual Machines (VM) in Azure: run a PowerShell script in these Virtual Machines.


Do You Know Your Real Azure SLA? Here is Why You Should Use Cloudockit

A lot of our customers are currently moving to Azure and we noticed that they are always very surprised when they discover that their current configuration does…


Create Azure Docs. With Screenshots & Generate Blob Storage Docs. With Size Reports

CloudocKit now automatically embeds a screenshot of your web site in your documentation.


Generate Detailed Azure SQL Documentation & Dependency Graphs

Today we are adding a first release of dependency graphs to Cloudockit. With this new feature, you can now create diagrams that will show the dependencies found between your Azure…


Data Retrieval and Custom Templates Options for Azure Documentation

You can now customize the way Cloudockit is going to generate documentation by using the following options:

Microsoft Azure Automated Management Certificate Generation

Cloudockit will now allow you to generate Management Certificates for testing purpose. We want you to be able to test our product as easily as possible…

UMAknow Launches Cloudockit – Formally Azure DocKit

Today, UMAknow is proud to launch an application that generates documentation for Azure. We named it Cloudockit.

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