New Features and Milestones: Cloudockit’s 2019 Yearly Review


Louis-Philippe Joly


3 min

2019 was a great year for your preferred cloud diagraming software. Cloudockit released over 35 new features including huge updates like generating diagrams and documentation for Google Cloud Platform, adding Draw.io support and let’s not forgot the on-premise support for Hyper-V and VMware.

Let’s look at what 2019 looked like for 2019 and get a preview of 2020.

Google Cloud Platform Support

Google Cloud Platform is the latest cloud provider to be supported by Cloudockit. Google Cloud platform is one of the leading cloud providers in the world, which made it a very important partnership for Cloudockit and its clients.

Cloudockit has worked very hard to include the same features as the cloud documentation for AWS and Microsoft Azure. The team is currently working on adding IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud to their list of important providers.

Hyper-V and VMware On-premise Support

As the high demand for multi-cloud rose, Cloudockit responded by added on-premise support with Hyper-V and VMware. The team was able to add features for your on-prem environments throughout the year and is continually improving your experience.

Draw.io and Lucidchart Diagrams

Draw.io is a free online diagram editor used by millions of individuals. Cloudockit added support for Draw.io architecture diagrams to enable their clients to choose which platform they prefer.

The latest addition to the diagramming platform is Lucidchart, a web-based proprietary platform that is used to allow users to collaborate on charts and diagrams. There are plenty more diagramming tools to be added to Cloudockit in the near future.

Excel Reports for Public Clouds & On-Premise Environments

Cloudockit now supports generating Excel reports for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Hyper-V and VMware. For ease, the generated Excel files contain one tab per component type. Excel reports are a welcomed addition to Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.

Preparing Cloudockit for 2020

As the team prepares for a new year filled with new features, updates, and surprises. Here is a list of updates Cloudockit would like to achieve for the year 2020.

    • Drop the documents generated in other storages like DropBox, Confluence, Github, etc.
    • Support other diagram formats like Gliffy and Omnigraffle
    • Improve the layout and readability of generated diagrams
    • Enrich the Compliance Rules and Best practices features
    • Improve dependency detection in the diagrams
    • Scan more services
    • Instead of generating static documentation only in Word or PDF files, generate dynamic pages in SharePoint Online where you can add your own content and docs
    • Instead of generating static documentation only in Word or PDF files, generate dynamic pages in Confluence where you can add your own content and docs
    • Generate high-level PowerPoint executive summaries; services used, cost, new workloads, etc
    • Generate PowerBI files with all the data and a dashboard

The Cloudockit team looks forward to all the posibilities that awaits them!

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