Cloudockit for On-Premise Environments

Gain a full overview of your on-premise environments. Cloudockit will automatically generate your VMware or Hyper-V architecture diagrams as well as your technical documentation.

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Cloudockit is available in three different hosting scenarios

Cloudockit gives you the ability to choose where to store your information. All subscriptions enable you to either let us host everything for you (SaaS), host in an AWS EC2 instance, or Azure virtual machine (Desktop). As a separate option, you will be able to store your information in an Elastic Kubernetes Service or Azure Kubernetes Service (Container).

Fully Editable Architecture Diagrams

Easily visualize your on-premise architecture with Cloudockit’s diagram generator. Generate fully editable 2D and 3D diagrams of both your on-premise and cloud environments.

Cloudockit can detect over 300 types of resources and 2000 links between them giving you a complete overview of your entire cloud infrastructure. Learn more

2D global diagram

3D global diagram

Leverage Existing Diagramming Tools

No proprietary drawing

Technical Documentation and Reports of Your VMware & Hyper-V Environments

Cloudockit’s documentation tool enables you to create a complete Word, PDF, or Excel document of your cloud and on-premise environments. You can define your custom template to work with your own style and use Cloudockit’s automation tool to keep track of changes in real-time.

Harmonized for Every Platform

Customize Your Documents and Diagrams

Cloudockit’s user interface is easy to use. Simply select/unselect the different options that are relevant for your diagrams and documents. You will never have unnecessary information clutter.

Documents options

Diagrams options

Data Security is Key

Your Data Stays Where it is

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory, in an isolated process and no sensitive information is stored on disk.

Your Login Information Remains Unknown

We will never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest security best practices to ensure a secure experience.

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