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Executive Summary

Executive Summary continued

Azure Billing

Azure Compliance and Security

Azure Compliance and Security continued

Azure App Services

Azure Global

Azure Virtual Machines – with Tailored Diagrams

Azure Global 3D

Azure Resource Groups

Azure App Services

Azure Load Balancers

Azure Load Balancers continued

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure SQL Servers

Azure Virtual Networks

Azure Networks – with Tailored Diagrams

Azure Databricks – with Tailored Diagrams

Azure SQL – with Tailored Diagrams

Azure Virtual Networks

Executive Summary

AWS Billing

AWS Compliance Rules and Security

AWS Organization Root


AWS EC2 continued

AWS Global

AWS Lambda Functions – with Tailored Diagrams


AWS VPC continued

AWS – Lambda Functions

AWS – Lambda Functions continued



AWS Global 3D

AWS RDS – with Tailored Diagrams

AWS Virtual Machines – with Tailored Diagrams

AWS Appstream – with Tailored Diagrams

AWS Storage – with Tailored Diagrams

AWS Beanstalk Applications – with Tailored Diagrams

Executive Summary

GCP Compliance and Security

GCP Compute Engine VM Instances

GCP Global

GCP Virtual Machines – with Tailored Diagrams

GCP Compute Engine Instance Templates

GCP App Engine

GCP Cloud Storage

GCP Cloud Storage continued

GCP Virtual Network

VPC Network continued

GCP VPC Network – with Tailored Diagrams

GCP Global 3D

GCP Resource Groups

VMware report

VMware report continued

VMware report continued

VMware Global

VMware Global 3D

Hyper-V report

Hyper-V report continued

Hyper-V report continued

Hyper-V Global

Hyper-V Global 3D