Exceed expectations in customer service

Keep your customers informed of your progress. Automatically generate accurate and up-to-date cloud documentation to keep them involved. As you know, it’s much easier and cheaper to keep existing clients satisfied than it is to find new ones…

Pass cloud audits with flying colors

Cloudockit’s automated compliance and security reports are a real game-changer both for security assurance and certification purposes.

Use change tracking to protect your business

Upon completion of a service agreement, provide your clients with exhaustive cloud documentation to show the result of your work. The change tracking feature will back you up in the event of an unfounded complaint.

Generate complete diagrams and reports

Free up time and resources for what brings most value, and rely on a comprehensive picture of all assets to make informed decisions.

Provide more value to your customers

Instead of spending billable hours writing documentation for your customers, automatically generate your cloud architecture diagrams and technical reports with Cloudockit and leverage the time saved for more productive work. You’ll also avoid the risk of human error.

Simplify the onboarding of new clients

When you take on a new client, the ability to automatically generate complete, accurate and up-to-date cloud documentation is a huge benefit when trying to determine exactly what is running where.

Use your own branding

Just insert your logo, and voilà!

One License for All

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