Technical Documentation made easy & automated

Cloudockit automatically creates Word & PDF documents of your Cloud or on-premises environments, saving you time, energy and reducing the risk of errors.

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generation of technical documentation in a single click

How does it work?

We developed a secured way to interact & leverage Cloud APIs (Azure, AWS, GCP) and on-premises PowerShell (Hyper-V Cmdlets & VMware Cmdlets).

Within a few clicks, you will be able to connect to Cloudockit, select your environment and generate technical documentation of all your environments.

Effortless documentation for all platforms!

AWS - Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
generation of technical documentation in a single click

Export all your assets and work with it

Export all your environements resources within an Excel file and visualize every workload types or properties. For example, for an EC2 Instance or an Azure Virtual Machine, you will have columns named Nb Cores, RAM, etc…

Start using your file to build custom reports or PowerBI Dashboard without loosing your time developing scripts to retrieve those data!

Impress with your own style!

Bring you own template into Cloudockit. All styles and assets will automatically be used to customize your report.

Using Cloudockit as a team, define a default custom template for all your users. A must-have for consulting companies in search of standardization.

Go even further and customize your document content as we are using standard XML Placeholders.

editable technical documentation
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Technical documentation? What for?

If you are still wondering why you should have complete documentation and using the best out of reporting in your IT systems, here are some of the feedback we got from our own customers on why thy are using Cloudockit:

“No way I give access to our Azure Portal to everyone in my team, with Cloudockit I can share specific documentation with only targeted individual without putting security at risk”

“Without Cloudockit I am not able to have good diagrams for a specific Business Application I developed”

“Since we are and want to use multiple cloud platform for lot of reasons, Cloudockit provides us a harmonized documentation and complete diagrams”

“Highlighting the changes in the documentation is a must as it allows me to stay in control”

“Cloudockit saved me months of effort doing the documentation to achieve my Security Certification”

“With the turn-over of IT specialist, there is no way we can keep the knowledge only inside our people head, we need to have that well documented!”

Don’t waste your time anymore!

Convinced that documentation and diagrams are a must, now you are still thinking about doing it manually? Here are a few things you should consider before starting this Herculean Task.

Imagine you have 20 Virtual Machines, 4 Networks and 25 Subnets. What is the probability that you do a mistake in one of the Subnet Address Space? We think this is high enough to trust a tool to do that for you.

How often do you deploy a new EC2 Compute instance in a VPC? There are good chances that it happens quite often.

Using a schedule tool to generate the documentation to support this scenario is more thant usefull!

Finaly, let’s be honest, there’s nothing as boring as writing Documentation, skip to the fun parts!

scheduling a generation automatically with cloudockit

This is not just about documentation

Inside the report that Cloudockit automatically generates, you will find precisous insights,
helping you to monitor and operate your cloud or on-permises environment.

look up on the track changes feature with cloudockit

Track changes

Cloudockit generate a high-level overview of the changes since the last report generation, and for each change, we are providing granular details, like, for example, the size of a disk that has been changed from 128Gb to 256 Gb.


Cloudockit generates billing information, giving you details on how much you spend on each of your component. The billing report can be grouped by ressources, workloads, tagging, applications and even more.

look up on the billing feature with cloudokit
look up on the compliance feature with cloudockit


Cloudockit ships with many best practices rules highlighting issues in your environment. It also gives you flexibly to create your own set of Compliance rules.

Data security is key

All your data stays where it is

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory in an isolated process and no sensitive information get stored on disk.

cloud data security illustration

You logins remain unknown

We’ll never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest security best practices to ensure a secure experience.

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