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Cloudockit automatically creates Word, PDF, and HTML documents of your cloud or on-premises environments, saving you time, energy, and reducing the risk of errors. Cloudockit comes with several built-in templates to serve the different roles in your organization. You will never have to manually create technical reports again!

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The Core of Your Technical Documentation

Cloudockit’s technical documentation enables you to quickly visualize the details within your cloud architecture. You will be able to always make important decisions based on the most accurate and updated information.

Executive Summary

Obtain a quick overview of the data centers in use, components, consumption trends, filters, and changes made since your last document generation.


Easily visualize your cloud spending. The report presents two types of billing diagrams: high-level and detailed information. The high-level diagram enables you to see exactly where your money is spent and where the trends are. With the detailed information diagrams, you can see the exact amount spent on specific cloud components such as an Azure VM, an AWS Elastic Beanstalk, or a GCP Kubernetes Engine.


Quickly find misconfigurations or potential security issues. The compliance section of your technical documentation contains the results of the evaluation of all Compliance Rules you have chosen to monitor. The graph is color-coordinated, green, yellow, and red, for you to easily pinpoint the issues.

Cloud Components & Applications

In a single document, obtain all details relevant to your cloud components and applications, including settings, network interfaces, security groups, tags, launch configurations, warnings, and more. Examples of cloud components include but not limited to load balancers, Kubernetes, virtual networks, EC2, Azure SQL, and Cloud IAM.

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Track Changes

For each cloud component, easily observe the changes made since your last document generation. To ensure tight monitoring, ensure to use the scheduling and automation option when generating your documentation.

Harmonized for Every Platform

Technical Documentation Templates for Your Every Need

Cloudockit lets you choose between 6 templates to better serve the different departments or roles within your organization. Simply select the reports you would like to generate and Cloudockit will do the rest for you. Upload your documents with Word, PDF, and even HTML. Our software will also let you choose where to send each report. For example, you can send the Executive report to your manager and the Full document to the IT department.

Impress With Your Own Branding! Cloudockit lets you upload your own templates to ensure your reports are tailored to your organization’s branding. For consulting companies in search of standardization, simply set your default custom template to ensure your entire team is generating consistent reports.


The most complete report Cloudockit can generate. The report has everything you need to fully understand your cloud architecture. It is perfect for cloud architects and your IT department. The report includes an Executive summary, billing, compliance rules, and detailed information on all of your cloud components and applications.


The essential template will provide settings information of all your cloud components along with your architecture diagrams. It also features cloud spending and all compliance rules.


The executive template is a quick glance at your cloud spending, compliance rules and includes an overall summary. Send this report to your executives who only want a quick look at your cloud activity.


The billing report excludes all the clutter you can have with the full report. In a matter of minutes, you can get a glance of your cloud spending broken down per cloud component.


The changes report helps you easily visualize the changes made to your cloud infrastructure for you to quickly analyze any anomalies or security threats. Evaluate changes to your cloud spending, compliance rules, and any cloud component.


Cloudockit’s Tailored Documents will be your most powerful tool. Create your own templates with chosen information pertinent to the various departments or company roles. Remove or add data as you wish in Cloudockit’s easy-to-use user interface.

Upload your Reports in Your Preferred Formats

High-level PowerPoint & Excel Cloud Reports

Obtain a high-level insight into your cloud environments and view the evolution of your cloud assets over time.

Cloudockit’s high-level reports will help you to quickly view changes in your resources, resource categories, resource types, applications, warnings, and their costs. These high-level reports are perfect to share with other stakeholders who do not need the level of detail Cloudockit Technical Documentation offers.

Even though these reports give a high-level overview of your cloud infrastructure, the accuracy and quality of the information are consistent across all Cloudockit documentation.

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Cloudockit is Not Just About Technical Documentation

Proper documentation is crucial to have a good understanding of your IT landscape, but it is not enough. At Cloudockit, we deliver a tool that helps you understand and master your IT cloud environment.

Export All Your Assets to Excel or JSON

Export all your environment’s resources to an Excel or JSON file to visualize every workload type or property.

Start using your file to build custom reports or Power BI Dashboard without losing your time developing scripts to retrieve the data.

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Scheduling & API

Continuously monitor changes in your environment while saving time and energy.

Schedule Cloudockit to generate documentation on a regular basis and get a highlight of the changes in your accounts. Cloudockit allows you to save time and get up-to-date technical documentation that is ready at a moment’s notice.

Specify the options you prefer in the REST API. Using this technology allows you to include your own conditions, specifications, and integrate Cloudockit in your processes and applications.

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Data Security is Key

Your Data Stays Where it is

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory, in an isolated process and no sensitive information is stored on disk.

Your Login Information Remains Unknown

We will never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest security best practices to ensure a secure experience.

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