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General Cloudockit

Is there a trial version of Cloudockit?

  • Yes, click on Free Trial. Note that some content will be randomly replaced by “****”.
    • We also offer a temporary full access trial for one of your environments. It will enable you to see the complete document & diagrams you generated, contact us.
  • You can also view our Samples page.

Do you offer product demonstrations?

  • Yes, here’s our Cloudockit Product demo on YouTube. You can watch at your own pace: use the subtitles and the chapters to focus on particular points of interest.

Do you offer technical support?

Someone from my company want to use Cloudockit, how do I add them ?

  • Simply give them the Product Key. With SaaS, they’ll enter the Product Key the first time they log in. With Desktop, they’ll enter the Product Key the first time they run the application.
  • To remove someone from the license, contact Support.

I have multiple subscriptions/accounts/projects to document. Do you have licenses for that?

  • Yes. All our licenses are multi-environment. Refer to our Pricing page for more details.

According to our internal policies, we cannot generate documents through a SaaS solution. Is there a way to generate the document on our own servers?

  • Yes, we do offer Cloudockit Desktop and Cloudockit Container for that specific need. Refer to our Versions page for more information.

What information does Cloudockit store when the documents are generated?

  • No sensitive information is stored on disk. Please refer our Security page for more information.

Does Cloudockit support generating diagrams and documentation for our on-premise environments?

  • Cloudockit can scan your Hyper-V and VMware hosts to generate complete documentation of your environments.

How does Cloudockit Desktop licensing work?

  • The Cloudockit Desktop license is included in all Cloudockit subscriptions. We include 1 Cloudockit Desktop installation per user as part of your subscription.

I am working for a consulting company and I want to use Cloudockit to generate reports and diagrams for my clients. Do I need one license per customer?

  • You do not need 1 license per client as our licenses are user based. You will need 1 license per user in your company who will generate documentation for your clients. Therefore, if you have 1 person generating documentation for all your clients, you need 1 license and if you have a team of 5 consultants and you want them to generate the documentation, you need a 5-users license.

Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

How do I make changes to Cloudockit’s Terms and Conditions?

  • We do not accept changes to our Terms and Conditions.

Purchasing and Billing

Where can I purchase a Cloudockit subscription?

  • Visit our Pricing page to purchase your subcription or receive a quote.

How will I receive my product key?

  • Your product key will be emailed to the same address you used to purchase your subscription. Check your spam/promotions folder.

Can I purchase a license using a purchase order (PO)?

What are your payment options?

  • We accept payments via credit card, wire transfer, and check. To pay by wire transfer or check, we require an official purchase order. You can request a quote or contact us for questions.

What are your payment terms?

  • If purchasing a license directly from our website, you will be charged instantly. When purchasing your license with a purchase order, our payment term is net 30 days.

Can I purchase a license through a software reseller?

  • Yes. If you have a prefered reseller, simply have them contact us.
  • We accept all resellers. They simply need to contact us to start the new vendor proceedings. If your reseller is unable to resell Cloudockit, refer to the list below.
  • Refer to our list of reselling partners to find a new one.

Will my Cloudockit subscription auto-renew?

  • By default, our subscriptions auto-renew. If you wish to disable the auto-rewal, contact us and we will gladly disable it.

Who processes your payments.

  • Our payment processor is Stripe.

Can I upgrade my Cloudockit subscription for more users?

  • Please contact us and we will send you a new invoice and upgrade your current license. DO NOT purchase a new license directly from our website. This will generate a new subscription and product key.
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