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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Trial Version of Cloudockit?

  • Yes, click on the Free Trial link. Note that some content will be randomly replaced by ****. We do offer a 1-day full access for one of your environments. It will enable you to see the complete document & diagrams you generated.
  • You can also click here for samples.

I have multiple Subscriptions/Accounts to document. Do you have licenses for that?

  • Yes. All our licenses are multi-environment. Refer our Pricing page for more details

According to our internal policies, we cannot generate documents through a SaaS solution. Is there a way to generate the document on our own servers?

What information does Cloudockit store when the documents are generated?

  • No sensitive information is stored on disk. Please refer to our Security page for more information.

Does Cloudockit support generating diagrams and documentation for our On-Premises environments?

  • Cloudockit can scan your Hyper-V and VMware hosts to generate a complete documentation of your environments. Please refer to On-Premises Documentation for more details.

How does Cloudockit Desktop licensing work?

  • The Cloudockit Desktop license is included in all Cloudockit subscriptions. We include 1 Cloudockit Desktop installation as part of your subscription.

I am working for a consulting company and I want to use Cloudockit to generate reports/diagrams for my clients. Do I need one license per customer?

  • You do not need 1 license per client as our licenses are per user. You will need 1 license per user in your company who will generate documentation for your clients. Therefore, if you have 1 person generating documentation for all your clients, you need 1 license and if you have a team of 5 consultants and you want them to generate the documentation you need a 5 user license.

I want to include Cloudockit inside my own product. Do you offer OEM?

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