Automated Audit, Compliance & Security Reports

Cloudockit allows you to assess your cloud environments, monitor what is being changed, and stay in control of your costs. The easy-to-use tool works with read-only permissions, eliminating the need to give advanced permissions to your entire team.

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Effortlessly Monitor Your Cloud Environments

In a single tool, find all of the features you need to keep control of your Azure, AWS, or Google cloud platforms and see how your cloud IT landscape is evolving.

Easily Find Misconfigurations and Security Threats

Truly understand what is deployed in your cloud environment and easily find misconfigurations and potential security threats.

With Cloudockit, you can keep your entire team informed with detailed reports and diagrams without giving them any additional permissions in your cloud management portal or console.

Your reports will contain a list of what is unsuitable in your environment to easily identify vulnerabilities. Furthermore, your diagrams will contain information about security issues directly in your Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart with alert icons.

Create Your Own Internal Compliance Standards

Quickly view if you conform to your internal compliance standards and ensure you are consistently up to code by creating your own internal rules.

Cloudockit lets you create your own internal standards and associate your compliance/governance rules with them.

Your compliance rules can also be shared with the rest of your team. When you create a new rule, you can choose to make it available to all of the coworkers who have the same license key.

Monitoring Made Easy for Everyone!

More Ways Than One to Automate Your Diagrams and Documentation

Countless Built-in Compliance Rules

Cloudockit has an extensive list of compliance rules to add to the existing rules implemented by your cloud provider.

The easy-to-use user interface makes it effortless to select which rules you want to apply.

Examples of compliance rules include:

    • HIPAA and PCI
    • Your web sites are not backed up
    • Virtual Machines are opened without port restrictions
    • Default names like default1, default2 are active

Secure Audit Reports

Provide meaningful reports to help you in your auditing process.

In a certification audit process, such as FedRAMP, ISO, SOC, etc., users need to provide consistent documentation and prove conformity of the current environment. Cloudockit can help you achieve it with the Audit Report feature, sending encrypted .pdf files proved to be generated by an engine and not manually altered.

Continuously Monitor Changes 

Effortlessly compare your current environment with your initial deployment to easily spot bugs or any changed elements.

Afterward, use the Cloudockit Scheduling and Automation tool to constantly receive the latest technical documents and quickly react to any potential threats.

Stay in Control of Your Cloud Spending

Easily keep track of your cloud spending and never exceed your budget.

Cloudockit integrates useful billing diagrams in every report.

There are two levels of billing:

High-level overview: Where your money is spent and what are the trends.

Detailed information for each component: The exact amount paid for each specific cloud resource.

Find Your Compliance Standards in Our Preferred Tools

Fully understand your cloud with automated architecture diagrams and technical documentation. At Cloudockit, we deliver the tools that help you understand and master your IT cloud environment.

Editable Architecture Diagrams

Easily visualize your cloud architecture in a matter of minutes instead of creating your diagrams by hand.

Generate fully editable 2D and 3D diagrams of both your cloud and on-premises environments. You will be able to instantly view your cloud architecture and if needed, quickly edit your diagrams with Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart.

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Technical Documentation

Reduce the risk of errors by letting Cloudockit create technical documentation for you.

Create a complete Word, PDF, or HTML document of both your cloud and on-premises environments. Define your custom templates to work with your own style and proudly show your work to your team and management.

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