Audit, Compliance & Security Reports

Cloudockit allows you to assess your cloud environment, monitor what is being changed and stay in control of your cost at anytime.

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Doing great diagraming allows to unlock all data potential

Go Further Than Documentation

In a single tool, find all the features you need to stay in control of your Azure, AWS & GCP platforms and still let your people innovate without over-restricting policies.

With the Track Changes feature, you get an easy way to see how your IT landscape is evolving in the Cloud.

Easily find misconfigurations and security threats

Is your security team struggling to understand what has been deployed in your Cloud environment? Are they also having trouble finding misconfigurations or potential security issues?

With Cloudockit, you can keep them informed with detailed reports and diagrams without giving them any additional permissions in your Cloud management portal/console.

  • Your reports will contain a list of what is unsuitable in your environment with a table of green, yellow, and red lights to easily identify vulnerable areas
  • Your diagrams will contain information about security issues directly in your Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart platforms with alert icons

Monitoring Made Easy for Everyone!

user can generate lots of technical documentation using Cloudockit engine

Assess Your Environments Right Now

While Cloudockit generates reports, it also evaluates your own custom compliance rules to ensure a perfect set-up and also monitors all of your environments.

Exemples of compliance rules used in Cloudockit:

  • Your web sites are not backed up
  • Virtual Machines are opened without port restrictions
  • Default names like default1, default2 are active

You do not need to configure anything in your cloud environment to enjoy compliance rule feature. No agent, no write permissions are required, just access to your environment using read-only access and Cloudockit will automatically validate the rules.

Our compliance rule engine allows you to create your own set of rules using a WYSIWIG interface with AND/OR logic and nested grouping. It also shows you human-readable properties and not cryptic developer properties name.

Certified Audit Report

In a certification audit process (FedRAMP, ISO, SOC), users need to provide consistent documentation and prove conformity to the current environment.

Cloudockit can help you achieve it with the Certified Audit Feature, sending encrypted .pdf files proved to be generated by an engine and not manually altered.


complex Azure and AWS infrastructure illustration

Monitor Changes

After finishing a new application deployment in Azure, AWS or GCP, everything is conformed to an approved architecture.  It’s now time to run Cloudockit on this environment and get a snapshot of all the settings and dependencies.

Later, bugs may appear and many elements may have been changed.  It becomes a nightmare to find out what changes broke the app. Cloudockit can address this kind of situation by providing constant changes tracking.

As soon as you start a new document generation, Cloudockit is comparing the actual environment with the previous snapshot of your environment, making it easy to find changes compared to the initial deployment.

Stay in Control of Your Costs

Cloudockit integrates useful billing diagrams inside the reports and documentation. There are two levels of billing:

  • High level overview: where the money is spent and what is the trend
  • Detailed information for each component : Exact amount paid for a specific Azure VM and how the cost is split (Compute hours, Egress/Ingress Bandwidth, Storage …).

You can also get an executive summary with an account of the resources and a picture with the data centers being used.

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