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Visio Diagrams

CloudocKit generates 2D and 3D fully editable Visio Diagram of your cloud environment. The 3D Diagrams are also inserted in the generated Word Document, giving it a professional look.

Word Technical Document

Word Document

CloudocKit generates a complete Word document of your cloud environment. Define your own template so that Cloudockit generates a Word document with your own look everytime.

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Compliance Rule Engine

CloudocKit lets you create your own rules and use built-in ones to monitor your environment across Cloud providers. Don’t force restricting policies and let your team be agile but monitor your environment with the compliance rule alerts. From naming conventions to software installed in your VMs, create advanced rules that will alert you. Stay in control without locking down the beauty of the cloud.

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We do more than documentation

We help you monitor and track changes of your cloud environment.


Schedule Cloudockit generate documentation on a regular basis and get a highlight of the changes to your cloud environment.


View a complete billing report grouped by ressources, workloads and tagging

Certified Audit Report

Manage information to meet your business needs by leveraging cognitive services, chatbots, and Office 365 platform.

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary email containing high level information such as billing and changes can be sent to selected recipients.

Track Changes

Save snapshots of your current environment so you can compare with a previous one.
The snapshots are save directly in your cloud environment.


Cloudockit has many rules that help you assess your cloud environment: Best Practices, Security, Billing, etc.

Discover Cloudockit through typical usage scenarios

The benefits of Cloudockit

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