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Cloudockit is the only software to offer cloud architecture diagramming and documentation for companies and consultants who operate in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform as well as Hyper-V and VMware. Our powerful software is able to give you a complete view of your cloud, on-premise, and hybrid cloud environments.

Active since 2015, Cloudockit offers its tool as a SaaS, Desktop, and Container solution to over 2,000 companies worldwide. Our software is compatible with Visio, Draw.io, Lucidchart, Word, PDF, Excel, and enables you to extract JSON files.

Since its inception, our team has continuously added features and offers 2D / 3D diagrams with multiple views, technical documentation and reports, advanced scheduling options, complete cloud monitoring, and of course important compliance rules.

The team works closely with customers and is always looking for feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas.


Cloudockit provides LeanIX the ability to scan any AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform environments and also automatically detects all the dependencies between those components. Cloudockit also provides added value to LeanIX with Compliance Rules, which allows automatic detection of elements that are misconfigured. Finally, Cloudockit normalizes the components between the different cloud providers. Its technology is a vital part of Cloud Intelligence.

LeanIX Cloud Native Suite automates the discovery of cloud components to aid in visualizing the ownership and geographies of deployments, optimizing hotspots for cloud spend, and detecting potential violations.

Cloud Intelligence provides a single-window of truth for cloud applications across all hyperscale environments. From every workspace, users receive a holistic actionable overview of their entire cloud landscape with fully-automated reporting capabilities for faster decision-making.

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Cloudockit has been a Microsoft partner since the beginning of its inception with Azure Dockit back in 2015. We grew our relationships with Microsoft professionals from around the world including Australia, the UK, and the United States of America making Cloudockit the leading software to document Azure architecture.

We are very proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft recognizes us as experts in delivering quality solutions for Azure and more importantly adding value for Azure users around the world.

As we work closely with Microsoft while improving Cloudockit and work with more Microsoft certified professionals every year, our partnership will only get stronger.

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