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Our Mission Is to Empower IT Heroes with Accurate Data & Actionable Insights

Cloudockit is the leading cloud documentation software for IT departments and cloud consultants in all types of organizations, from small to enterprise level.

Since 2015, Cloudockit can scan any Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud environment using several levels of dependency detections. Users get detailed architecture diagrams and technical documentation of hundreds of resource types and the interconnections between them.

The information gathered in the technical documents and architecture diagrams help users monitor their cloud spending, compliancy, security, and enables them to track changes. The software permits users to schedule their scans to continuously receive up-to-date documentation.

Cloudockit has over 5,000 customers worldwide and generated more than 3 million documents, and counting. Customers include Microsoft, CGI, NASA, American Red Cross, NATO, KPMG, several governments, NGOs, banks, and educational institutions.

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Lansweeper is an IT asset management platform provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network.

Fing is a network scanner platform designed for internet security and Wi-Fi management.

Cloudockit provides detailed cloud documentation helping businesses better understand and monitor their cloud environments.

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Cloudockit has been a Microsoft partner since the beginning of its inception with Azure Dockit back in 2015. We grew our relationships with Microsoft professionals from around the world including Australia, the UK, and the United States of America making Cloudockit the leading software to document Azure architecture.

We are very proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft recognizes us as experts in delivering quality solutions for Azure and more importantly adding value for Azure users around the world.

As we work closely with Microsoft while improving Cloudockit and work with more Microsoft-certified professionals every year, our partnership will only get stronger.

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