High-Level PowerPoint & Excel Cloud Reports

Obtain a high-level trend insight into your cloud environments and view the evolution of your cloud assets over time.


Haithem Khelifi


December 7, 2021

Cloudockit’s high-level reports are focused on trends to help you easily monitor the changes in your cloud environments and quickly see if there are any compliance issues, unwanted components, new types of workloads you do not want, or more. These high-level reports are perfect to share with other stakeholders who do not need the level of detail Cloudockit Technical Documentation offers.

Even though these reports give a high-level overview of your cloud infrastructure, the accuracy and quality of the information are the same as all Cloudockit documentation.

The high-level reports come as easy-to-read Excel (.xlsx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) documents which can be shared with members of your team or executives.

How to Generate Your High-Level Reports?

To generate your reports, simply login to Cloudockit and under Documents > Dashboards, select PowerPoint/Excel. You can then choose between the document format(s) you prefer and the billing interval you wish to view, weekly or monthly.

For a step-by-step guide, visit our Knowledge Base documentation

Excel and PowerPoint

Both document types contain charts and tables summarizing your environment’s evolution and significant changes based on the selected period frequency (monthly or weekly). Furthermore, charts are fully customizable to ensure the information is displayed exactly the way you want.

Autogenerate Technical Documentation

We recommend using the high-level reports in combination with Cloudockit’s technical documentation. The technical documents include all the necessary details to make informed decisions on changes in your environments.

Included in the documents are detailed cloud spending, compliance rules, details on all your cloud components and applications, and finally track changes.

Choose between 6 templates; Full, Essential, Executive, Billing, Changes, and soon to come, Tailored reports.

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