Cloudockit’s 2020 Yearly Review; New Features and Upgrades for All


Louis-Philippe Joly


7 min

We all know how hard 2020 was for everyone, however, it did not stop the Cloudockit team to implement new features, updates, and plan for the years ahead. We implemented huge upgrades for diagrams, compliance rules, and created new features for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Take a look at some of the key features and updates launched during 2020.


  • Cloudockit’s brand new UI was implemented to facilitate user experience with easy navigation between features and options for your diagrams and documentation
  • API is now available in preview mode. Using Cloudockit API allows you to automate document generation using your own conditions, specifications and integrate Cloudockit into your processes and applications
  • Dynamic distribution of your emails. With Cloudockit, you can now automatically send your emails to specific roles in your Azure Subscriptions, GCP Projects, or AWS Accounts Groups

API Container

  • The most scalable solution yet! Cloudockit container runs in your own environment, completely isolate the scanning and document generation process, run scans parallel with multiple processes, and enjoy all of the Cloudockit features.

Diagrams and Documentation

  • Tailored diagrams, our biggest upgrade to diagrams, allows you to easily customize your architecture diagrams the way it makes sense for you and your team
  • Tags in architecture diagrams. This feature helps you visualize your tags directly in your architecture diagrams
  • Cloudockit now provides many hints on how to improve your documents and diagrams

Compliance Rules

  • Create your own Internal compliance standards
  • Cloudockit now supports two new Compliance Rules, PCI and HIPAA
  • Cloudockit Compliance Rules can now be shared with the rest of your team. When you create a new Compliance Rule, you can choose to make it available to all people who have the same license code

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Service map is now used to automatically detect dependencies between virtual machines and automatically draw diagrams accordingly
  • Visio diagrams created by Cloudockit now supports Ctrl+Click on shapes to navigate immediately to the Azure Portal for specific shapes

Amazon Web Services

  • AWS Simple Workflow is visible in your cloud documentation; a fully-managed state tracker and task coordinator fully documented in your Cloudockit reports
  • AWS Backup is now fully documented by Cloudockit. Your cloud documentation will now enable you to gain information on settings, backup rules, and copy configuration

Discover all of the updates Cloudockit released in 2020

Release Notes

Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Billing export to BigQuery is now used, instead of having a deprecated .csv file to retrieve billing information from Google Cloud
  • With the support of GCP Storage, we now support Track Changes in GCP: you will be able to compare your documents with previously generated documents and see the differences

The Road Ahead for 2021

As the team prepares for a new year filled with new features, updates, and surprises. Here is a list of updates Cloudockit would like to work on for the year 2021.

    • Document more cloud providers (Oracle, IBM, Rackspace, Alibaba cloud, or Citrix)
    • Document Microsoft 365: Create detailed documentation of your Microsoft 365 settings and provide other Cloudockit features like Track Changes and Compliance Rules
    • Tailored Documents: The ability to choose what you want to see in the Word document by simply selecting the section(s) necessary to you
    • Support for refreshed diagrams in diagrams.net (draw.io) and Lucidchart
    • Improve diagram visibility and increase link detection
    • Create multi-cloud documentation and diagrams (multiple clouds in a single Diagram/Documentation)
    • Allow creation of diagrams/documentation before deployment: ARM Template, Cloudformation template or Terraform to create documentation and diagrams
    • Add another drop-off location (Confluence, Github, Dropbox, or Teams)
    • New output formats: PowerPoint & PowerBI
    • Run Cloudockit website inside your own cloud environment: With this feature, you would deploy the complete Cloudockit website in your own environment (Azure subscription, AWS Account, or GCP Project)

We are looking forward to a great 2021!

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