Azure Service App Dependency Detection, Visio Diagram Support Ctrl+Click & Google Cloud Billing Export to BigQuery

Azure Service Map

In Cloudockit diagrams, Azure Service map is now used to automatically detect dependencies between virtual machines and automatically draw diagrams accordingly. In the diagram example, there is a communication between two virtual machines, shown with red arrows.

Microsoft Visio Diagrams Update

Visio diagrams created by Cloudockit now support Ctrl+Click on shapes to navigate immediately to the Azure Portal for specific shapes. The example to the left displays a Virtual Machine with the new Ctrl+Click option.

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Google Cloud Billing

Google Cloud Billing export to BigQuery is now used, instead of having a deprecated .csv file to retrieve billing information from Google Cloud. The billing information is now displayed directly in the Word document generated by Cloudockit. You can refer to our Knowledge Base for the setup information.

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Release Note v4.4