Retrieve billing information

Note: Billing information is currently being developed for Google Cloud Platform.

Please refer to the Platform you have selected

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • GCP (Preview in only in JSON)


Cloudockit supports the following 3 billing types available in Azure:

  • Standard
  • EA
  • CSP

Cloudockit automatically extracts billing information for you to see how much you spend for each component within the Documents & Diagrams.

To retrieve the accurate information, you need to select the detail Pane of the Billing Workload

Depending on the type you choose, you need to enter the appropriate information.

  • Standard
    • Offer-ID: this is the type of offer you are using. Please refer click here for the list.
  • EA
    • EA Enrollment Number: you can find your enrollment number from the Azure EA portal ( You need to go into the Manage section and then select the enrollment tab.
    • EA Billing API Key: you can find your enrollment number from the Azure EA portal ( You need to go into the Reports section and then select the Download Usage tab/API Access Keys.
  • CSP
  • Fields common to all billing types
    • Region Code: Enter the 2 letters code of the region where the offer was bought (ex: GB, DE …)
    • Start Date / End Date to specify the billing dates you want to use
    • Currency code: Enter the currency code (ex: GBP, EUR …). For CSP you can leave blank to use default CSP currency.
    • Use this tag to generate a billing report: Enter the tag used to organize your billing
    • Apply a ratio when computing prices (%): Enter the ratio to use (ex:103 if you want to add 3% on all prices)

Please note you need to have the proper permission to do those actions.


To retrieve the accurate information, you need to select your AWS Account and then navigate to the Content Tab and scroll to the Billing Section.

You need to ensure the checkbox Include Billing details is checked and select the appropriate billing type:

Billing is based on Cost Explorer, so you first need to make sure Cost Explorer is activated.

Once you ensure that Cost Explorer is activated, you need to make sure that the user you are using to login has access to Cost Explorer. Typically, if you use the Read Only role, it does not have access to Cost Explorer. If you want to only add Cost Explorer permissions, you can create a policy as follows and add it to the Read Only user:

	"Version": "2012-10-17",
	"Statement": [
			"Effect": "Allow",
			"Action": [
			"Resource": [


Cloudockit support billing information extraction only into a JSON ouptut format for now.

To get GCP Billing information, you need to configure your GCP environment to do a daily extract of your billing information in .csv format. The following procedure gives you the details on how to do that :

Once done, you need to go into the Workloads tab, check the billing details and ensure that you specify the bucket where you drop the .csv file and also the prefix of the files.