Native Diagrams.net Files & Tags Incorporated in the Shape Data

Native Diagrams.net Files

Cloudockit has a long history with diagrams.net, formerly draw.io, as its second diagramming tool to be compatible with the software. Readability of your architecture diagrams with diagrams.net is continually improved, including this new update.

Cloudockit now generates native diagrams.net files (xml formatted) instead of using the Visio to diagrams.net function. This opens multiple new features and improvements like:

  • No more empty Background pages due to the conversion
  • You now receive all of the properties of the components in the Shape Datasheet
  • Actual files are generated instead of links. That way, you do not have to save them once the generation process is finished
  • It can be used in an offline scenario with Cloudockit Desktop since it does not use online conversions

Tags in Architecture Diagrams

More than half of Cloudockit users regularly use the software to generate architecture diagrams. It is how the product started and is always improving its feature. In the latest release, version 4.4, Cloudockit announced tags within the Shape Data in diagrams. The feature will help you visualize your tags directly in your architecture diagrams.

It’s not over yet, see the full list of updates

Release Notes