Generate Azure Active Directory Documentation & Billing Information


Pascal Bonheur


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Cloudockit automatically creates Azure documentation that includes information regarding the costs related to your Azure Subscription.

In the document Executive Summary, you can now find the following diagram:

It will help you to quickly visualize the type of workload that cost you the most.

In the Billing section, you can see the cost of each category split into sub-categories:

In addition to this information, Cloudockit also gives insight on which workloads in your subscription are the most expensive.

Since Azure has many different types of Offers, the Billing section will provide details on the current Offers you use (Pay As You Go, MSDN, etc). You are also able to choose the currency you want to display:

In the near future, we will add Billing information in each section of the documents to provide deeper insight.

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Generate Azure Active Directory Documentation

We are proud to announce that we have added the support of Azure Active Directory to Cloudockit.

The following components are documented for Azure Active Directory

List of Users

All the users are listed. We are planning to add support for filtering so that you can see only a portion of all users (like the one not synced).

List of Applications

The applications that have been declared in the Active Directory are listed with the associated application ID and Homepage:


A list of roles with the description and the indication of the status (System or not, Enable or not).


List of groups with their names, description, Mail and DirSync attribute.

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