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If you are looking for a cloud architecture diagramming tool with advanced capabilities, Cloudockit is by far the most extensive on the market. Automatically generate your architecture diagrams, get up-to-date cloud documentation, track changes, follow compliance rules & cloud security, monitor your cloud billing, and much more.

Document Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, VMware, Hyper-V, Kubernetes, and soon your Microsoft 365 environment. If that wasn’t enough, Cloudockit comes in 3 versions, SaaS, Desktop, and Container. It is also compatible with 3 diagramming tools and offers 9 different drop-off locations.

Automated Architecture Diagrams

With Cloudockit, you will be able to select the level of details you wish to see in your diagrams.

Choose from simple diagrams at the VM level to a complete detailed view of all the available properties in your cloud. Cloudockit can document more than 500 types of links and can detect an extensive number of workloads creating complete diagrams of your cloud infrastructure.

For ease of use, your cloud diagrams can be viewed and edited either in Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart. These options make it easy to share and collaborate with your team. Unlike most architecture diagramming tools, Cloudockit does not have any proprietary drawings.

Your diagrams will be organized in several ways to ensure you can efficiently filter the information. Some categories include a global diagram, resource groups, workloads, and business applications.

For even more control over your architecture diagrams, use Cloudockit’s Tailored Diagrams.

Tailored Cloud Architecture Diagrams

Cloudockit’s Tailored Diagrams are a first on the market. Tailored Diagrams enable you to easily customize your architecture diagrams the way it makes sense for you and your team.

To make it easier for you, Cloudockit created ready-to-use templates of the most popular types of cloud architectures. Use the templates as-is or customize them the way you need your diagrams to be laid out.

Stop wasting time filtering your diagrams. Create your own templates specific to your needs and easily share them with your team as a JSON file.

Extensive Compliance Rules & Security Reports

Cloudockit has one of the most extensive lists of compliance rules and also gives you the opportunity to create your own.

Follow your compliance rules and find misconfigurations quickly. Either in your diagrams or in your technical documentation. Within your cloud diagrams, simply click on the warning icons to view the details of the security threat. Furthermore, your technical documentation has a dedicated Compliance section as well as details at every level.

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Comprehensive Technical Documentation

Unlike other cloud diagram software, Cloudockit offers extensive and detailed technical documentation of your cloud infrastructure. No in-app visualization. Your documents can be viewed in Word, PDF, and even as HTML enabling you to easily share them with your team.

Cloudockit currently offers 5 templates; Full, Essential, Executive, Billing, and Changes to adapt to the different roles in your organization. Soon, just like the Tailored Diagrams, you will be able to tailor your technical reports exactly as you need.

Track Changes for Monitoring

For each cloud component, easily observe the changes made since your last document generation. To ensure tight monitoring, set up the scheduling and automation options when generating your documentation.

Accurate Cloud Spending

Easily visualize your cloud spending with 2 types of billing reports: high-level and detailed information. The high-level diagram enables you to see exactly where your money is spent and where the trends are. With the detailed information diagrams, you can see the exact amount spent on specific cloud components.

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Cloudockit is truly the only tool you will need for a complete cloud infrastructure visualization. Pricing is user-based, no need to calculate how many resources you need to document or pay per hour of use. All subscriptions included unlimited documentation of your cloud/on-prem assets for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hyper-V, and VMware.