Cloudockit Now Features an Assessment of Your Azure Environment


Pascal Bonheur


2 min

When you generate documentation using Cloudockit, you also receive an assessment of your environment:

This assessment is presented with the following categories:

    • Availability
    • Best Practices
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Billing

For each of these categories, we have developed rules based on what you are supposed to do. For each resource, if you have no warnings, you get a green light, if you have one or two warnings, you get a yellow light and if you have more than 2 warnings you get a red light.

Cloudockit’s Implemented Rules

Regarding the rules that are implemented, here are a few examples:

    • Performance: A Website without “Always On” may be slow the first time, therefore, we recommend to activate it
    • Billing: If you have a Virtual Machine with an Average CPU that is less than 10% we recommend that you scale down the Virtual Machine
    • Availability: A storage without Geo-Redundancy is NOT durable in the case of a complete regional outage or a disaster in which the primary region is not recoverable.

For each of these elements, you get more details if you go in the resource section:

As you can see, for each warning you get the Type (which is the column in the assessment table), the Criticality, a short Description and a link on how to correct the problem.

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